MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Thousands of people spent part of their day in line for food on Friday as several food distributions across South Florida had a very busy day.

The food distribution site at the Miami-Dade Fair Grounds ran out of food within a matter of hours.

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In North Miami, volunteers packed bags to distribute to more than 400 families in need.

Mayor of North Miami Beach Anthony F. DeFillipo said, “We realize that we are in hard times right now. We realize that some people don’t have their day to day resources to bring food to their tables. So we are reaching out to the needy and seniors in our community which we don’t want out and about. And they get provisions. Enough to keep them going for a couple of days.”

In Overtown, the co-owner of the Red Rooster opening up his doors to pass out free food.

“None of this situation was anyone’s personal fault. This is all sort of circumstances that have fallen upon people in most cases were already on the fringes. The economic strata. So this is supporting,” said Derek Fleming, co-owner of the Red Rooster.

Fleming is promising to do this at least three days a week as long as it takes.

“The last thing that someone needs right now is to be hungry and to be able to provide a meal, a guaranteed meal at this time, and they are hefty meals. \ This is truly important for people to have that.”

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And in South Dade, Miami-Dade police keeping order with more than a thousand people lined up for blocks for a meal.

Major Fernad Charles of the Miami-Dade Police Department said, “Everybody is emotionally frustrated. Physically frustrated. People are at home. They don’t have good. They don’t have water.”

“We are just here to try to make things right. Help the community out in their time of need.”

Neighbors 4 Neighbors pitching in to make this possible, taking contributions from the community and turning it into hope with Farm Share.

Katy Meagher of Neighbors 4 Neighbors said, “Basically, we are raising the money to keep these feedings going. This is a crucial time, an unprecedented time for our community, and feeding people is one of the most basic needs.”

These operations, the need, it is overwhelming. But North Miami Beach’s mayor put is best, “Together we can make a difference. We are not asking one person to do everything, but if all of us do a little. We can go a long way.”

If you are in a position to help out financially reach out to neighbors 4 neighbors. They are partnered with Farm Share. They can stretch a dollar a lot further than you or I could. To get involved go to

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