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WEB EXTRA: Woman Votes For First Time At 79-Years-OldA 79-year-old woman from Saginaw, Michigan cast her vote for the first time ever this election. Sandra Ware said, “I felt very powerful, in that I did matter and that my life does matter.”
WEB EXTRA: Panda Mom Carries CubMei Xiang the giant panda carries her cub into the large enclosure of their habitat at the National Zoo in Washington, DC on Sunday. The zoo says the cub, born in August, “is still perfecting his crawling skills.”
Double Shooting Investigated in Oakland ParkA man was fatally shot and a woman was wounded early Tuesday morning in Oakland Park.
WEB EXTRA: Statement On Candidate Microphones At Presidential DebateThe Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday that President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s microphones will be muted for portions of Thursday’s debate in Nashville, TN. The commission said the rule enforces the uninterrupted two minutes candidates get to speak at the start of each debate segment.
WEB EXTRA: Echidna Puggle Recovering At ZooThis baby short-beaked echidna is recovering at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. A zookeeper says the “puggle” fell from a tree and had to be rescued, but is now putting on weight and growing fur.
WEB EXTRA: Officer Saves BabyA school resource officer was driving home after her shift when she spotted a car swerving on the road. What happened next is a case of being in the right place at the right time.
WEB EXTRA: Snow Squall in IowaThe National Weather Service issued a snow squall warning for parts of Iowa on Monday (10/19). Snow squalls bring periods of heavy snowfall that can lead to whiteouts and slick roads.
How To Ride Public Transportation During The COVID PandemicAre you taking public transportation or ride hailing services during the pandemic? Here's a look at what some services are doing to try to keep riders safe and steps experts say you can take.

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