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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Tis the season of good cheer, or maybe that should good “cheers” in Florida which a survey found to be among the drunkest states over the holiday season., an addiction treatment facility that provides research-based programs and services for adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, conducted a survey found that the average Floridian consumes four alcoholic drinks per day during the holidays.

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North Dakota emerged at the top of the list as the drunkest state during the festive season, with the average state resident drinking eight alcoholic drinks per day during this period.

New Jersey came in second with the average state resident drinking six alcoholic beverages per day, followed by Montana, Nebraska, and Wisconsin with five alcoholic beverages per day.

The survey also discovered that almost a quarter of Floridians (23 percent) consider themselves ‘heavy drinkers’ over the holiday season.

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Additionally, 27 percent of those surveyed said they consume stronger liquor during the holidays than they would throughout the rest of the year and 27 percent said they drink more during the holiday season as compared to the rest of the year.

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One in five employees admitted that they drink every day that they are off work over the holidays. Seventeen percent of those surveyed said they have a boozy breakfast on Christmas Day.

“If you find yourself waking up with a hangover more days than not during the holidays, this might be a sign that you are overindulging,” said Brittney Morse, a spokesperson for Sunrise “Overindulging in alcohol can be a bad habit that leads to dependence even after the holidays are over.”

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The CDC defines heavy drinking for women as consuming eight alcoholic drinks or more per week, and for men, 15 drinks or more per week. Broken down over the week leading up to Christmas or New Year’s Day, a few drinks here and few drinks there can add up, so it’s important to monitor your boozy behavior during this time. Team