By Ted Scouten

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Voting machines are being moved out and sent to polling places for Tuesday’s election.

The move comes as a record 839,529 people have already voted by mail in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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Josh Barwa voted by mail. He sent his ballot in quickly, then he went online and did what all mail-in voters should do.

Barwa logged on to the supervisor of elections website to make sure his vote was counted.

“This tells me I’ve gone through all the first 3 steps and that my vote has actually been counted,” Barwa said, as he checked his voting status.

“When I was able to go on the website and I saw right away my vote had counted only a couple of days after I sent it in, I was really relieved to see that,” he said.

The vast majority of mail-in ballots went through with no problem, but in Miami-Dade so far, 212 signatures do not match and 2,255 have no signature at all.

In Broward, 92 were flagged for signatures that don’t match with 194 not signed. Holding up a mail-in ballot return envelope, Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections Christina White pointed to it saying, “This is the red box on the envelope. This is where you have to sign. Don’t forget to do it if you have it on your table,” she said.

White explains if there’s a problem with your ballot, they will get in touch with you, giving you a chance to fix it. Or when you check online, it will alert you of a problem.

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“If you did forget to sign or your signature doesn’t match it tells you that as well. It leads you to the form that you have to fill out and get back to us. It gives you a second chance of having your ballot accepted,” she said.

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With the election just days away, Broward Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci recommends dropping off your mail-in ballots in person.

“With the election so close and ballots must be in our hands by 7 election night, I strongly recommend that voters take those ballots and drop them off in one of our drop boxes or early voting sites,” he said.

You can drop those ballots off at any early voting site in your county. There are 33 in Miami-Dade and 22 in Broward.

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When early voting ends Sunday at 7 p.m., you still have an option: The official ballot drop boxes, there are 4 in Miami Dade and 2 in Broward.

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You can use those anytime. “You can roll up in your car and put them in the dropbox 24 hours a day. I suggest you do that, not put them in the mail at this late date,” Antonacci said.

Ted Scouten