By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The arts have always uplifted the human spirit, which is especially important now during the coronavirus pandemic. Even in these times of social distancing, we are taking you on a tour of some the world’s most iconic museums.

We’ll begin in Paris at the Louvre Museum, one of the world’s largest museums located on the right bank of the Seine.

French engineer Frederic Gourdet has created some impressive virtual reality content on his YouTube channel.

Here he’s taking you on 360-degree tour outside the Louvre at the Jardin des Tuileries, where you’ll get a panoramic view of all the beauty that surrounds you.

Other YouTube tours take you inside the actual Louvre Museum itself, where you can get closer to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” then you ever could in person.

Over on Google’s Arts & Culture website, you can view the jaw-dropping Metropolitan Museum of Art. The New York fine art collection includes more than 200,000 pieces of art – and you get to enjoy it all while wearing your pajamas!

One section called “House of Dior: Ball Gowns” celebrates the collection of famed fashion designer Christian Dior’s gowns that rocked the postwar world.

The “Eugeni” gown was from the fall and winter of 1948, showcasing the sweeping bell shaped glamour. Another one highlights Dior’s love for florals in his “May” ball gown for spring and summer of 1953.

For the last tour, we can safely visit Italy and experience some of the greatest artworks in the world. Right now, there are 360-degree virtual tours of the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and its awe-inspiring ceiling.

On this tour, you can look up, down and all around, checking the immense collection of art amassed by the popes from the 17th century onwards.

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Lisa Petrillo