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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – No bond for a man accused of shooting and killing a locksmith he had called to his Southwest Miami-Dade home.

A judge denied bond for Andre Paul-Noel III, 26, on Wednesday on a second-degree murder charge and set bond at $10,000 on a burglary charge.

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In court, Paul-Noel wore a green vest that is designed to prevent people from harming themselves or suicide attempts. His attorney made note of that, saying “For the record, I see him in a Ferguson suit and my understanding is that he was Baker Acted after the offense.”

The Baker Act is an involuntary psychological evaluation.

Andre Paul-Noel III appears in Miami-Dade bond court on April 27, 2022. (CBS4)

According to the police report, Paul Noel hired locksmith Edwin Molina on April 24 to come to his home in the 10600 block of SW 170 Street on a lockout call.

While outside the home, police say, Paul-Noel pulled out a gun and shot 32-year-old Molina multiple times in the back and then called 911 to admit to the shooting.

“My son was doing his job as he was doing for the past two years as a locksmith. And I would always tell him, be careful. There are strange and weird people out there. There is violence out there, people with guns. Just be careful and he would always tell me don’t worry mom, I’m okay,” said Molina’s mother Linda Taylor.

“You actually called for help and then you are going to pull out a gun and you are going to kill somebody with five gunshots to the back. First of all that is a cowardly act. You knew what you were doing. You even called 911. I want to know what specifically happened on that day,” Taylor said about Paul-Noel.

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Taylor said she is now making plans to bury her only son and has launched a GoFund Me Page to help with funeral expenses.

The police report also states while still armed, Paul-Noel removed property from Molina’s vehicle and entered his home.

Molina was rushed to Jackson South Trauma Center, where he died.

“This arrest still doesn’t take away the deep pain that I feel because my son is not here. My mom is going through hell. I’m just trying to hold it together for my mom and my daughter. He did have a sister who loved him very much. I want to know all the details. My son was not violent. He would have walked away from a situation without wanting to keep on or instigate anybody into violence. I know that he was walking away and got shot in the back,” Taylor told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench.

While in police custody, the report states Paul-Noel was “unable to articulate the reasoning for the shooting,” and “began to display abnormal behavior, which included aggression towards detectives.”

A check of records shows that Paul-Noel does not have an arrest history.

Taylor said she was stunned on Monday when she received word that her only son had died.

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“I would like to get some answers. I would like to know what happened. I would like to know what provoked the situation,” she told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench. “He was such a good kid. We heard about this when someone came knocking at our door at three in the morning and that is when I heard the news. I just can’t believe he is not here anymore. I know there was some type of argument and that led to the shooting, that is all I know. That is all I have been able to find out.” Team