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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Federal authorities have arrested a man in Plantation in connection to a series of package bombs that were sent to top Democrats and President Trump critics.

Cesar Sayoc (BSO)

The man was taken into custody at an Auto Zone store on State Road 7 at SW 6th Street at around 10:30 a.m.

A “loud explosion” was heard at the time of the arrest, possibly from a flash bang device used by FBI in the course of making the arrest.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they were led to 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc through DNA evidence.

The FBI “uncovered a latent fingerprint from one of the envelopes containing an IED that had been sent to Maxine Waters. We have confirmed this fingerprint is that of Cesar Sayoc,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray at a news conference Friday afternoon.

Wray cautioned that just because the FBI has a suspect in custody, that does mean its over.

“Today’s arrest does not mean we are out of the woods. There may be other packages in transit now and other packages on the way. We need the help of every citizen, law enforcement, everyone we’ve got, to help with this investigation in the days to come,” said Wray.

When asked if Sayoc acted alone, Wray replied “This is very much an active and ongoing investigation. We do believe we’ve caught the right guy, but we also know that there is an ongoing investigation, there still work to be done and plenty of unanswered questions.”

Wray added that it is too early to say what Sayoc’s motive was.

Law enforcement officials confirmed suspect Sayoc was arrested and brought to the FBI office in Miami, where he was fingerprinted and processed.

On Friday evening, he remained in the custody of the FBI. He is expected to make his first appearance in court Monday afternoon at 2 p.m., where he will face a judge at the federal courthouse in Miami.

A law enforcement official said late Friday that Sayoc had been living in a white van after he got kicked out by his parents’ house.

The official said, Sayoc told investigators that the “pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anyone and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Sayoc has now retained an attorney, so the questioning has stopped, the official said.

Sayoc’s last known address is in Aventura. He reportedly has ties to New York and a criminal history.

Sayoc has been charged with interstate transport of explosives, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and other persons, threatening interstate commerce, and assaulting current and former federal officers.

READ: Federal Complaint Against Cesar Sayoc

“The defendant’s conduct as charged is cowardly and reprehensible and totally anathema to our democracy. And now defendant faces a potential total of 48 years in prison,” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman for the Southern District of New York said.


The FBI wrapped a blue tarp over the top of Sayoc’s white van in the parking lot, to preserve any evidence, before it was put on a flatbed truck and taken to an FBI facility in Miramar.

That van is covered in pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton stickers, along with stickers with a negative message about CNN.

There were also pictures of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CNN’s Van Jones, filmmaker Michael Moore and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein with red targets or crosshairs over their images. An edited image that appeared to be former President Barack Obama riding a tricycle also had a target on it.

Another window had images professing more support for Trump that read, “My President.” One graphic read, “We vote pro-life.”


Some CBSMiami followers on Twitter posted pictures of the van and wrote, “I have some pictures of this van I saw him at a stoplight one day and thought is was very strange.”

There was more than one South Floridian who has seen this van driving around South Florida and thought it was a bit different.


According to a law enforcement official, Sayoc was living in the van after having been kicked out of his parents’ home in Aventura.

Friday, the existence of four more package bombs were revealed by authorities, bringing the total number to at least 13.

A suspicious package was found at an Opa-locka mail facility, it was addressed to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

It was discovered Thursday night and it is similar in appearance to the others that were sent to prominent Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump.

In New York Friday morning, police responded to a suspicious package at a postal facility in midtown Manhattan. The package was similar to the others and was addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at the Time Warner Center where CNN has its New York bureau.

Suspicious package addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper found at mail facility on 52nd Street in Midtown, Manhattan. (Source: cbslocal/New York)

Similar package bombs were intercepted in California for Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California and major Democratic donor Tom Steyer.

On Thursday, the FBI and the Miami-Dade Police Department bomb squad spent hours at a United States Postal Service mailing distribution center in Opa-locka.

CBS News confirmed several packages may have originated at the facility. Postal inspectors have been poring through millions of pieces of mail, searching for similar packages.

The FBI stated every single suspicious package has the name and address of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s Sunrise office.

Friday morning, Wasserman Schultz said it was ‘disturbing’ and ‘devastating’ to have her name used on the package bombs.

All of the parcels were sent in similar packaging and the devices were made to appear like active bombs. Investigators are working to determine whether the bombs were just poorly designed or if they were simply meant to scare the recipients.

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  1. Please hold while we scrub his social media accounts of any anti-Trump or pro-antifa sentiments

    1. His van is covered with pro-Trump stickers…

      1. Sorry, but this has all the markings of a democrat ploy. Any stickers likely just recently stuck on by the democrat patsy.

    1. You’ll lose that bet. His van is covered in pro-Trump stickers.

      1. Charles Valentin says:

        Do have a link/evidence to support your assertion?

  2. They did NOT put the tarp over the van to protect evidence. They put it over to cover the overwhelming Pro Trump stickers on the van. It was NOT a so-called False Flag after all.

  3. Fred Stevens says:

    The Democrats cast him several weeks ago when they wrote the script for this and built their props.

  4. Luis Martinez says:

    Just another nutcase. Stop the blame game. An individual who goes to the trouble of sending fake bombs and risk a lifetime in prison is obviously a mental case.

  5. Andy Howe says:

    Two things:
    Is he Russian like the media was hoping for?
    Did they get a video of Booker’s happy dance? I am sure he was afraid he was going to be left out and was hoping for such a package to try to show that Spartacus has some significance to someone.

  6. Just another liberal lunatic up to their lunatic ways

  7. Julian Dupree says:

    Too easy… This guy is a Patsy.

  8. So what exactly is the guy under arrest for? They weren’t bombs! He mailed crude hunks of metal to the post office.

  9. Tony Oberley says:

    A Democrat activist. Wow, what a surprise.

    1. Why are you trolls spreading so much misinformation? Do you get paid by the comment? The guy arrested is a far-right nutter.

  10. Kenneth Stotler says:

    They dont want anyone seeing stickers on the van. something odd here. If they were pro trump they would have been leaked to the media just like the bomb pics

  11. My tinfoil hat says: if he was a right wing Christian type, the FBI would have given that up immediately. Have to arrange the narrative before they release any of the actual, inconvenient facts.

  12. I absolutely love that whoever wrote this article used the bomber’s incorrect spelling of Wasserman Schultz.

  13. Shane Bouton says:

    If this was mailed through the US Postal Service, why aren’t the stamps cancelled? How was the post office able to deliver them all on the same day? Has anyone paying attention to this ever used the USPS and known them to be THAT efficient? This whole thing, like most of the news stories that have come out in the last several years, stinks on ice!

    1. Shane, the point about no postage mark from the USPS is something I’ve been wondering all along. Thank you for mentioning it. I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up anywhere. I haven’t seen a single image of these packages that has a mark on them even though most of them had supposedly gone through the system. Very weird.

      1. Antoinette Keen says:

        they would have to be hand-delivered

  14. rc33 says:

    Having an ounce of faith, trust or belief in anything the media reports.
    That’s a challenge…

  15. Howard Ferrer says:

    lololol they put stickers on a van with politicians in crosshairs and “CNN sucks” LOLOL they will fall for this false flag patsy. Too stupid and no critical thinking skills.

  16. Charles Richard Brown says:

    You have an address, a vehicle, and living breathing human being…

  17. BREAKING UPDATE: Fox news reporting the suspect is a white male in his 50’s, and a “former new Yorker”. He reportedly has prior arrests for “terroristic threats”.

    Bottom line—nut cake!

  18. Was he the guy that gave Cory Booker a lap dance?

  19. Package Bomb = Digital clock fastened to something that could never ever explode…

  20. So, the Feds found another Lee Harvey Oswald. Congratulations!

  21. This nut case was almost certainly encouraged to do this by the democrats. They are the only ones who have anything to gain from Fake Bombs being sent to prominent democrats just days before a critical election.

  22. Bob Jackson says:

    We as a population are being so manipulated, the losers at the FBI still cant find a “motive” in the Vegas shooting, I mean the FBI is nothing more than the brown shirts of the US Government.

  23. Rob Barnhill says:

    So they have their suspect that conveniently fits the narrative they’ve been spinning. Still doesn’t explain hand delivered packages 1300 miles away.

  24. Beau Rogers says:

    It’s a good thing that the MAGAbomber is dumb, and nobody was hurt.

    1. Sounds like someone listened to Obama’s words:

      “if they bring a knife to an argument, you bring a gun”

  25. Dennis J. DeSantis says:

    does it matter if it is a democrat or republican, he has to be a special kind of stupid and crazy. If it turns out to be a republican he will be no more a representative of the republican party than Ted Kuzinski, the Unabomber represented all democrats and he actually built bombs that exploded and killed people.

  26. We know the white powder was not biological. And yet, we still don’t know if the black powder goes BOOM. That’s important for a “bomb” which everyone is calling them. I suspect, these were inert scares. Can’t wait to find the guy’s name.

  27. Kendalee Harlen Garner says:

    Where is his picture?

  28. Is this in Broward County?? The most corrupt Dem county in the country. I believe this to be a false flag to help the Dems. Their October Surprise. I suspect the guy will turn out to be a plant to look like a far right crazy when no one on the right in their right mind would have done this so close to the election. Doesn’t make sense. It would not benefit anyone from the right side of the aisle to do this so close to the election. The picture of the package with the flag stamps that supposedly was taken by a reporter sent throught the mail was not even cancelled! And why would the police even allow a reporter to take a picture of the package if it was considered to be a bomb. Curious minds want to know why anyone would target Democrats right now who are not even in power?

  29. All the really bad guys lived in South Florida, even more locally, Plantation! Jose Padilla, Timothy McVeigh, Mohammad Atta and most of the 911 plotters, and many others. Open borders!

  30. Jim Quinn says:

    How did he get to Soros’s place unnoticed and place that package in the mailbox?

  31. Amazing! This couldn’t have happened at a more fortunate time for the democrats, could it?
    Phony bombs that couldn’t have hurt the democrats they were sent to, and just days before a critical election! It’s almost like they had a hand in it themselves!

  32. Joe Daigle says:

    Oh Lord, another nut case. He wasn’t trying to hide – big billboard van. None of it makes sense.

  33. Jack Riley says:

    Mentally ill. A problem equally shared by both parties.

  34. George Burns says:

    I believe they caught the wrong perpetrator.
    I support #BelieveEveryWoman.
    The return address was from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. There you have it!

  35. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    Great. Then to be consistent we can blame BERNIE SANDERS for the guy who shot congressmen at the DC ballpark. Thanks CBS.

  36. beefrank says:

    No more a ‘MAGA bomber’ than Hodgkinson was the ‘Bernie shooter’. Dishonest MSM still carrying DNC water.

  37. Information needs to be discovered as to how this suspect maintained his sustenance. Where did he work? When did he buy this Van? How did he pay for it? Where did he obtain these Trump stickers on the Van? Who are his parents? Any sisters or brothers, children, wife? What does his family say about him?

  38. H.d. Rennerfeldt says:

    Suspect Cesar Sayoc is NATIVE AMERICAN ! !
    Even the Indians Disapprove of Democrats ! !

  39. William Hoover says:

    Still puzzled as to why the bomber chose not to leave the country which is still easy to do ?

  40. A van covered in pro trump, anti clinton, anti cnn stickers. Let me guess he had a pack of bud in the back, anti soros stickers, and a rebel flag too. How many other cliches did they find? #fakenews.

  41. Bruce Pestell says:

    Very happy no one was hurt. I am sure sparticus was relieved to be on the list.

  42. Stu Pedasso says:

    Gee, I hope he voted early. 😉

  43. Mike Kirchner says:

    Too bad the MSM didn’t spend any time investigating Obamas friendship with Bill Ayres, the domestic terrorist who set off over 25 real bombs

  44. Nice try Cesar, maybe next time though, dont leave any DNA where they can find it! Oh and make sure that your stinking democrat party handler gives you more money to take the fall!

  45. Ed Meyer says:

    1. Twitter followers were all leftist.
    2. Facebook page (now deleted) was all leftist (including Griffin photo with head)
    3. Sent fake bombs before an election to ….Help republicans? Help democrats?

    Something is rotten here.

  46. The bomber wasn’t Native American as he claimed. He also claims to be a Trump supporter and is that fake too? Those van stickers look pristine like they were just applied. He could also just be one cray cray and compare to the thousands of ANTIFA and the Scalise shooter and the mobs who follow republicans to restaurants and Maxine and Obama and Holder who call for violence yet aren’t arrested. Trump calls it out. The Left celebrates their crazies.

  47. Dusty Granger says:

    Why are fake bombs sent to Democrats more shocking than real ricin packages sent to Republicans?

  48. Bonnie Gray Smith says:

    This guy wasn’t by any chance a motivational speaker living in a van down by the river? Was he?

  49. Kim Ama says:

    CNN and other liberal news are so upset he’s not a white conservative male Tea Party member. Instead, he’s a far-Left Green party native Indian… Trump does have broad appeal!

  50. John Greaves says:

    Can we just write this guy off as a nut job and move on, please!

  51. Luis Martinez says:

    MAGA Bomber? The media is obviously NOT biased…..

  52. It’s Elizabeth Warrens Indian brother.

  53. All the other wingnuts that ‘liked’, followed or shared the MAGAbombers social feeds now have their pants on fire – awaiting FBI scrutiny. Not to mention the hundreds of other various Trumpmobiles we’ve all seen in the red states.