Trial Witness Rachel Jeantel Shared With CBS4 How Trayvon Martin Tried To Run Away From George Zimmerman

MIAMI (CBS4) – In an exclusive interview with WFOR-TV, Rachel Jeantel described her final moments on the phone with Trayvon Martin before he died.  She said Martin felt uncomfortable with Zimmerman watching him as he walked through the neighborhood.

“He kept complaining to me that the man was just watching him,” said Jeantel. “By him explaining to me that somebody’s watching him, that’s not very normal in a neighborhood.  Well in the neighborhood we came from.”

Jeantel said she asked Martin how the man looked and that’s when she knew it became a situation.

“He told me he’s going to run to the back area to try to lose him,” explained Jeantel. “It became awkward, like okay something’s going on.”

She said their call was disconnected, so she rushed to call him back.  When Martin answered the phone, Jeantel said he sounded out of breath.

“He said he’s almost at the back area by his father’s house, so I thought in my mind he’s almost there,” said Jeantel. “Then all I heard was Trayvon say why are you following me for?”

She says she heard Zimmerman reply saying what are you doing around here.

“That was the last time he talked,” expressed Jeantel. “It still feels awkward to me, like wow that really happened because I never seen it coming.”

“I’m just in shock right now,” said Jeantel.

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