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Volkswagen executive expected to give congressional testimony, Heating oil usage drops, California governor signs Fair Pay Act and more
ISIS' widespread use of often new Toyota trucks has prompted a U.S. investigation into how the terror group obtains vehicles
The prevalence of Toyota trucks in ISIS propaganda videos raises questions about where the group gets its vehicles
An investigation by the Associated Press has uncovered attempts to sell nuclear material to terrorist organizations like ISIS
Parts of famous new tourist attraction are over 3,000 feet off the ground; some thrill-seeking visitors got more than they bargained for
Israel lifts restrictions on access to key mosque but tensions continue to rise with fresh violence in the holy city
Residents of gov't housing compound where attack occurred are quick to blame Islamic extremist group Boko Haram
Campbell spent more than a decade advising Tony Blair, helping Blair win three terms as British prime minister
After a week of airstrikes Moscow says it's targeting ISIS from the sea, but so far Assad and his closest ally appeared focused on other groups
Church in northern Italy bans Rev. Gino Flaim from preaching for comments seeming to cast blame on sexual abuse victims