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Witness says executive jet "nosedived into the cars and exploded on impact," engulfing the plane and several vehicles in flames
Speculation about the fate of MH370 has been reignited after debris from a Boeing 777 was found on an island in the Indian Ocean
PM David Cameron offers sniffer dogs and fencing to prevent thousands from entering Britain illegally from France
Trial in Guinea tested thousands of people exposed to deadly virus and the results point to "a game-changer"
They say Palmer financed an illegal hunt to kill Cecil
David Gallo describes the unique challenges recovery teams face in the Indian Ocean
More debris washing up on a tropical island may belong to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Head of investigation into the missing plane hopeful as search continues on the French island of La Reunion
International Olympic Committee members had to chose between the Chinese capital, and Almaty Kazakhstan, and the winner is...
At least 3 people critically wounded when 2 West Bank homes torched; Israeli officials denounce attack as terrorism and "barbaric"