MIAMI (CBS4) – As people across the nation overcome their shock at the elementary school shooting in Connecticut, it is being replaced by immense sadness. Rev. Juan Sosa from St. Joseph’s Miami Beach said that people are more concerned because they identify with the suffering of the people in Newtown.

Rev. Sosa said he’s been receiving phone calls from parishioners asking for counseling and advice.

“There’s absolutely no way of turning it into logic at this time. I think we need to do exactly what they did and that is turn to their churches and turn to faith,” said Sosa.

Bonita Bonamoline, a grandmother of two said, “They are going to need all the prayers we can give them. It’s such a sad, sad unbelievable tragedy. It’s almost unreal. “

Many are not only questioning how and why this could happen, but also wondering what they can do from a distance to help those suffering.

“We are very sad here. It has affected our children. It has affected our adults and our community as a whole,” said Elizabeth Espinosa, a Youth Group Leader at St. Joseph Miami Beach.

Anyone interested in lending a hand to the victims of Newtown, the United Way and the Newtown Youth & Family Services is collecting donations for the victims.

To offer volunteer assistance you can call (800) 203-1234.

The Facebook group, RIP Sandy Hook Elementary School Children, with more than a hundred thousand “likes” is encouraging everyone to wear blue and yellow, the school’s colors, on Monday in honor of the victims.


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