Omicron Continues To Spread Along With COVID Concerns Across South Florida and the NationThe new Omicron COVID strain has now been found in at least 38 states. The CDC is pushing again for people to get vaccinated -- but it's no longer recommending the one- shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine, because of a link to rare blood clots. CBS News Correspondent Meg Oliver reports on the concern that stretches to the White House.
Local COVID Positivity Rates Trending UpCBS4's Jessica Vallejo has more on the spread of the omicron variant.
COVID Testing Lines Growing As Omicron Variant SpreadsCBS4's Jessica Vallejo has the latest.
WEB EXTRA: Spotify's 'Most Streamed' List for 2021What songs and artists have you been listening to? Check out Spotify's list of "What the World Streamed Most in 2021."
Miami-Dade Mayor Reinstates Emergency Order Requiring Hospitals To Report Number Of COVID-19 Cases Because Of OmicronCBS4's Ashley Dyer has the latest details.
US Facing Double Surge of Coronavirus Cases Due To Delta and Omicron VariantsThe U.S. is facing a double surge of coronavirus cases due to the Delta variant and now the Omicron mutation that is also spreading. The CDC says Omicron cases seem to double every two days or less. CBS News' Courtney Kealy has the latest.
Health Leaders Say Omicron Variant May Be Heading Into The WinterHealth officials predict Omicron cases may increase over the next few months.
New Trial Data Confirms High Efficacy Of COVID Antiviral PillsPfizer announced new results on Tuesday from studies testing its five-day course of COVID antiviral pills, confirming Paxlovid cut the risk of hospitalization or death in a trial for patients at high-risk of severe COVID-19 by 89% when treated within the first three days of their symptoms.
Tuesday Will Be 1-Year Anniversary Since First Person Received COVID Vaccine In United StatesThat person was Dr. Sandra Lindsay, the Director of Nursing Critical Care at Northwell's Long Island Jewish Medical Center.
First Omicron Variant Case Detected In Miami-Dade CountyCBS4's Joel Waldman reports on the Omicron variant detected in Miami-Dade County Friday.
Omicron Variant Detected In Miami-Dade CountyOn Friday afternoon, CBS4 News learned that Cardio Tropic Labs in Doral had sequenced the first omicron variant
16 & 17-Year Olds Now Eligible To Get Their COVID Booster ShotsElliot Rodriguez reports on how now 16 and 17-year-olds are now able to get their Pfizer booster shots six months after they receive their second dose.
First Case Of Omicron Variant Detected In Miami-DadeThe first case of the coronavirus Omicron variant has been detected in Miami-Dade County.
Boosters Pushed For Older TeensThe FDA has expanded eligibility for Pfizer booster shots for older teens.
Routine Child Vaccinations Drop By 50% in Broward CountyCBS4's Karli Barnett reports on the newly reported data showing a 50% drop in routine COVID vaccinations.
Long Term COVID Programs Popping UpCBS News doctor Mallika Marshall reports on COVID programs now opening to help patients receive the comprehensive treatment patients need.
Senate Republicans Try To Block Federal Vaccine MandateCBS4's Natalie Brand reports on new data regarding on how one vaccine can work to fight the Omicron variant.
Delta Variant Is Driving High Cases Numbers, Hospitalizations Across The CountryLaura Podesta reports the nation is approaching 800-thousand killed by Covid-19.
Study: Mixing Vaccines Could Offer Better ProtectionA new British study showed that mixing vaccines showed a better boost in immunity.
Omicron Variant Detected In FloridaThe COVID-19 Omicron variant has officially arrived in Florida. The first case was detected at James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital in Tampa.
New York City Mayor Declared Pre-Emptive Strike Against Winter Surge Of CoronavirusLaura Podesta reports anyone who works in New York City will have to be vaccinated before the new year.
Biden Administration Implementing New Travel Rules To Help Combat Spread Of Omicron VariantEveryone aged 2 and up will need a negative COVID test at least 24 hours prior to takeoff.
Biden Administration Enacts New Travel Restrictions To Combat Spread Of Omicron VariantSkyler Henry reports the Omicron variant is now starting to take hold in the states.
Omicron Has Flyers Facing New ChallengesCBS4’s Lilia Luciano has the story.

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