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WEB EXTRA: First Pictures from Asteroid BennuNASA has released the first pictures from the asteroid Bennu. The pictures were taken on Tuesday during the OSIRIS-REx mission's Touch-And-Go sample collection event. The NASA spacecraft touched down on the asteroid surface at sample site Nightingale for approximately six seconds. Check out this loop of images.
TRENDING: Time To Pump The Brakes On Fast & FuriousThe 10th and 11th installments of the Fast & Furious movies will be the final ones.
TRENDING: Avengers Assemble To Defend Chris PrattAfter being labeled the "Worst Chris" in Hollywood, actors Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo came to the defense of Chris Pratt.
TRENDING: The Great "Apple" Charlie BrownUsually aired on regular television, the Peanuts Halloween special will be exclusive to Apple TV this year.
WEB EXTRA: Pope Francis Voices Support For Same-Sex Civil UnionsPope Francis voiced support for same-sex civil unions during an interview for the documentary called “Francesco.” The pope said, “Homosexual people have the right to be in a family.”
WEB EXTRA: Firefighters Face Strong Winds in ColoradoFirefighters are facing strong winds as they work on the Cameron Peak Fire in Larimer County, Colorado. The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control shared this video Tuesday (10/20) and said windy conditions contribute to fire danger.
WEB EXTRA: Kangaroo Hops Through Train StationA kangaroo was spotted hopping through a train station in Canberra, Australia last month. Canberra Metro Operations shared some safety advice with the video, telling travelers - don’t be like “Skippy,” stay on the footpaths.
WEB EXTRA: Man Says He Was Robbed By WomanA man tells police he was robbed of $9,000 by a woman he met at a local casino.
WEB EXTRA: Raccoons Break Into BankTwo raccoons found themselves inside a bank Tuesday morning. They managed to steal a snack.
WEB EXTRA: NASA Lands Small Spacecraft On AsteroidOn Tuesday, NASA did something historic by landing a small spacecraft on an asteroid. Take a look.
WEB EXTRA: October Snowstorm In MinnesotaSnow has been falling in Minnesota. Take a look at the surprise October storm.
WEB EXTRA: Pope Wears Mask At Public Event For First TimePope Francis wore a face mask to a public event for the first time while at an interfaith service in Rome on Tuesday. The pope has faced criticism for not wearing a mask during his weekly general audiences at the Vatican.
WEB EXTRA: 2020 Halloween DecorationsZOOM-BIES: Some Halloween decorations are taking inspiration from work-from-home life. Check out two displays that showcase how skeletons are taking meetings these days, much like rest of us.
WEB EXTRA: Woman Votes For First Time At 79-Years-OldA 79-year-old woman from Saginaw, Michigan cast her vote for the first time ever this election. Sandra Ware said, “I felt very powerful, in that I did matter and that my life does matter.”
WEB EXTRA: Panda Mom Carries CubMei Xiang the giant panda carries her cub into the large enclosure of their habitat at the National Zoo in Washington, DC on Sunday. The zoo says the cub, born in August, “is still perfecting his crawling skills.”
WEB EXTRA: Echidna Puggle Recovering At ZooThis baby short-beaked echidna is recovering at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. A zookeeper says the “puggle” fell from a tree and had to be rescued, but is now putting on weight and growing fur.
WEB EXTRA: Officer Saves BabyA school resource officer was driving home after her shift when she spotted a car swerving on the road. What happened next is a case of being in the right place at the right time.
WEB EXTRA: Snow Squall in IowaThe National Weather Service issued a snow squall warning for parts of Iowa on Monday (10/19). Snow squalls bring periods of heavy snowfall that can lead to whiteouts and slick roads.
How To Ride Public Transportation During The COVID PandemicAre you taking public transportation or ride hailing services during the pandemic? Here's a look at what some services are doing to try to keep riders safe and steps experts say you can take.
WEB EXTRA: 3 Sought In Attempted Home BurglariesThe Broward Sheriff’s Office is looking for three suspects they say attempted two home burglaries within minutes of one another in Tamarac and North Lauderdale.
WEB EXTRA: President Trump Is Asked About Why He Criticized Dr. FauciPresident Trump criticized Dr. Fauci on a campaign staff call Monday saying, "People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots, these people, these people that have gotten it wrong." Later in the day, after landing in Arizona, the president called Dr. Fauci a "nice guy" but said “he’s called a lot of bad calls.”
WEB EXTRA: Cat Carving On Peruvian HillsideArcheologists restored this image of a cat carved into a hillside in Nazca, Peru. Peru’s Ministry of Culture says the figure is 121 feet long and more than 2,000 years old.
WEB EXTRA: Coronavirus Inspired Halloween DecorationsThere are COVID-inspired Halloween decorations on this home in PA, including face masks and hanging viruses. Christopher Criscuolo says this is “probably one of the most frightening things most of us have ever lived through, so tying it to Halloween was pretty much a no-brainer.”
WEB EXTRA: COVID Patient Watches Son's Wedding From Hospital WindowTake a look at how this couple made sure the groom’s father, a coronavirus patient, could be part of their wedding day

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