WEB EXTRA: Biden On Trump Saying He Downplayed The CoronavirusDemocratic presidential nominee Joe Biden reacted to audio recordings published by the Washington Post where President Trump told Bob Woodward, in an interview for the journalist's new book, that he downplayed the coronavirus because he didn’t want to “create a panic.” Biden said: “It was a life-and-death betrayal of the American people.” Adding, “It’s a dereliction of duty.”
WEB EXTRA: President Asked If He Mislead The Public About The CoronavirusReporter: “Did you mislead the public by saying that you downplayed the coronavirus and that you repeatedly did that in order to reduce panic?” President Trump: “Well, I think if you said in order to reduce panic, perhaps that's so. The fact is, I'm a cheerleader for this country, I love our country, and I don't want people to be frightened.”
Democratic Vice President Nominee Kamala Harris Will Be In South Florida ThursdayKamala Harris will host a community conversation at Florida Memorial University.
New Bob Woodward Book Claims President Trump Downplayed Threat Of CoronavirusLaura Podesta reports the book discloses President Trump *knew the coronavirus was deadly around the same time he publicly downplayed the threat".
White House On The Defense After Damaging Stories Leaked From MemoirBofta Yimam reports Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is set to release a book detailing his work for the president.
WEB EXTRA: President Trump Tours Kenosha, WI Damage And Emergency Operations CenterPresident Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday to survey damage from protests after the shooting of Jacob Blake. The president also expressed his support for local law enforcement and toured an emergency operations center.
Kennedy Loses Race For First Time In MassachusettsLaura Podesta reports Senator Ed Markey, an incumbent who has been in politics for forty years, prevailed in Tuesday's primary against the 39-year-old Joe Kennedy, grandson of Robert F. Kennedy.
2020 Republican National Convention Gets Underway TodayThe 2020 Republican National Conventions gets underway today in Charlotte and in Washington, D-C. The four-day event will include a combination of in-person gatherings and remote speeches.
Kamala Harris Is Officially Democratic Vice Presidential NomineeSkyler Henry reports Kamala Harris is the first woman of color to accept a major party's vice presidential nomination.
Polls Across South Florida Open For Florida Primary ElectionBrooke Shafer reports there are some changes this year due to the pandemic.
Democratic National Convention Kicks Off Monday NightSkyler Henry reports with the country still battling the spread of the coronavirus this political convention will be unlike any we've ever seen before.
Democratic National Convention Gets Underway Monday NightSkyler Henry reports t will look and feel a lot different due to steps taken because of the pandemic.
Dire Warning From Postal Service As Coronavirus Relief Bill Remains At StalemateThere is a dire warning from the U.S.P.S ahead of the November Election just as the White House and Congress remain at a stalemate over a coronavirus relief bill that would include billions in funding for the post office.
Campaign 2020: The Heated Race For Miami-Dade State Attorney Beween Kathy Fernandez Rundle and Melba PearsonThere's nothing like running against your former boss in a high profile election.
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Make First Joint Appearance As Democratic TicketLaura Podesta reports they wasted no time going after their Republican opponents.
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris To Hold First Event As Democratic TicketNatalie Brand reports the pair will appear together in Delaware.
Legality Of President Trump's Relief Orders QuestionedSkyler Henry reports President Trump is likely to face legal challenges after he bypassed Congress and signed executive actions when talks over a new coronavirus relief package broke down.
WEB EXTRA: Fla. Sen. Rick Scott Responds To Gov. Ron DeSantis Unemployment Comments To CBS4's Jim DeFedeOn Wednesday, Florida Senator Rick Scott responded to an interview in which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told CBS4's Jim DeFede that the state's unemployment system was deliberately set up to frustrate people and make it hard to apply for benefits.
Democrats, White House Appear To Be Moving Closer To Coronavirus Relief BillEliott Rodriguez reports a dispute over unemployment payments are keeping the two sides apart.
President Trump Visits Tampa on FridayPresident Donald Trump is in Tampa Friday his first visit to Tampa in several years.
Some Republicans Breaking With President Trump Over Election CommentsLauren Pastrana reports the president's tweet about possibly delaying the election has drawn criticism.
New Poll Shows President Trump, Joe Biden Neck And Neck In FloridaThe Mason-Dixon poll shows 50 percent of likely voters support Joe Biden while 46 percent support President Trump.
Time Is Running Out For Congress To Pass Coronavirus Relief PackageSkyler Henry reports unemployment benefits are set to expire for millions of Americans.
LeBron James Donating $100K To Help Ex-Felons In Florida Pay Their Debts So They Can VoteFormer Miami Heat superstar LeBron James might have taken his basketball skills to the West Coast, but he continues to have an eye on Florida by committing $100,000 to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to help ensure felons are able to regain the right to vote.

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