Partisan Divisions On Display During State Of The UnionDebra Alfarone reports Congress is very much divided by both policies as well as the impeachment fight, which will come to an end this afternoon.
Most Of The Results Are Finally In From Democratic Caucuses In IowaThere's good news for Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, not so for Joe Biden.
Partisan Divide On Display At State Of The UnionKatherine Johnson reports tension between the President and Democrats boiled over with a surprising rebuke at the end of the speech.
Senators To Resume Questioning House Managers And White House Defense TeamDebra Alfarone reports senators submitted 93 questions yesterday for the House Managers and the President's legal team.
Senate Impeachment Trial Enters Next PhaseKatherine Johnson reports senators will have two days to submit questions to either the House managers or the White House defense team.
World's First Recycled WetsuitA British company is looking to make surfing more sustainable with the world's first recycled wetsuit.
White House Defense Expected To Wrap Opening Arguments TuesdayKatherine Johnson reports it remains unclear if the Senate will allow any new evidence or testimony to be admitted to the proceeding.
House Democrats To Conclude Opening Arguments At Senate Impeachment TrialSkyler Henry reports they'll wrap up their arguments focusing on the second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress.
House Democrats To Wrap Up Opening Argument In Senate Impeachment TrialSkyler Henry reports on Thursday they focused on the first article of impeachment—abuse of power. Today they'll move on to the second--obstruction of Congress.
Democratic House Managers To Resume Opening Arguments In Impeachment TrialKatherine Johnson reports House Managers will be back in the Senate today for the second of their three days of opening arguments.
Rules Set During First Day Of Senate Impeachment TrialKatherine Johnson reports opening arguments will get underway Wednesday.
Senate Impeachment Trial Will Open With Battle Over The RulesKatherine Johnson reports before opening arguments can get underway in the Senate, a battle over the rules of the trial will take place.
Sweeping Changes Could Soon Be Coming To School LunchesNatalie Brand reports students could soon see more burgers and pizza on the menu.
Community Thwarts Kidnapping, Helps Recover GirlJohny Fernandez reports sharp-eyed motorists helped police find the suspected kidnapper just hours an Amber Alert for the girl was issued.
Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump Gets Underway TuesdayNatalie Brand reports Friday morning, President Trump added attorney Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr to his legal defense team.
Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas Drops Bombshell Accusations Against President TrumpNaomi Ruchim reports Lev Parnas says the administration was aware that he and Rudy Giuliani were pressuring Ukraine's president to investigate a political opponent.
Warren, Sanders Clash At Democratic DebateNaomi Ruchim reports the last four Democratic caucus winners have gone on to win the party's nomination, making it all the more important.
It May Be A Year Before Electricity Is Fully Restored To Puerto RicoDave Begnaud reports some residents are living outdoors because they're scared of the aftershocks.
Surveillance Video Of Jeffrey Epstein Jail Cell MissingMola Lenghi reports questions surrounding the jail cell death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are intensifying after important surveillance video was apparently *lost*.
Trump Mocks Democrats While Touting Killing Of Iranian GeneralMarc Liverman reports the House voted on measure to limit President Trump's war powers, the Senate will take up a similar measure next week.
Puerto Rico Continues To Struggle After Massive EarthquakeDavid Begnaud reports the earthquake knocked out one of the island's crucial electricity power plants.
Iran, U.S Appear To Dial Down Tension Following Missile StrikeSkyler Henry reports Congress wants a say in any military strike against Iran.
Hundreds Homeless After Earthquakes Rock Puerto RicoDavid Begnaud reports that residents fear the worst is yet to come.
President Trump Says There Were No US Casualties In Iran Missile AttacksSkyler Henry reports Trump announced new sanctions on Iran unless it changes its behavior.

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