Danya Bacchus reports wildfires are burning more than 45 hundred acres northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

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Wildfires Force Evacuation Of Some Los Angeles HomesDanya Bacchus reports wildfires are burning more than 45 hundred acres northwest of downtown Los Angeles.
President Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry "Insane"Bofta Yimam reports despite President Trump's objections, the inquiry is pushing ahead today with a deposition of his former ambassador to the Ukraine ...who President Trump recalled from office in May.
President Trump Holds First Rally After House Impeachment Inquiry BeginsMarc Liverman reports President Trump returned to the campaign trail last night in Minnesota and quickly showed that he isn't backing down in the face of a Congressional impeachment inquiry.
President Trump Fighting Impeachment InquiryMarc Liverman reports President Trump willing to fight impeachment inquiry all the way to the nation's highest court.
Whistleblower Complaint Against President Trump Has Been DeclassifiedLaura Podesta reports the roughly 10 page document is at the center of the impeachment inquiry into Trump and we'll hear more about it later this morning when the acting Director of National Intelligence testifies before the House Intelligence Committee.
House Democrats Moving Forward With Impeachment InquiryLaura Podesta reports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the decision after a surge of support from moderate Democrats.
President Trump Addressed UN's General AssemblyPresident Trump took aim at Iran in his remarks to the world leaders
President Trump To Address The UN General AssemblyLaura Podesta reports allegations by a whistleblower that President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate a political opponent are overshadowing his trip.
Southeast Texas Flooded From Days Of RainCourtney Zubowski reports remnants of tropical storm Imelda caused widespread devastation in the region. At least two deaths are blamed on the storm.
Tropical Depression Imelda Is Drenching Parts Of Southeast TexasCourtney Zubowski reports more than a foot of rain has fallen in some places and first responders have received requests for more than two hundred high water rescues.
Iran's Leader Says There Will Be No Talks With The US On Any LevelLaura Podesta reports President Trump says it looks like Iran was behind the attack on a Saudi oil field.
Auto Workers Strike At Nine GM PlantsLaura Podesta reports union negotiators say both sides are still far apart.
High School Students Create Memorial To Honor Those Who Died In September 11th AttacksLisa Mateo reports the students planted a flag for each person who was killed
Final Four Cargo Ship Workers Freed From ShipLaura Podesta reports all 24 people on board a massive cargo ship that capsized Sunday have been rescued. The last four people out were trapped for more than 30 hours.
Round The Clock Search And Rescue Operations In The BahamasDavid Begnaud reports residents of the Abaco Islands need food, water, ice, generators, and supplies.
Millions Of Phone Numbers Linked To Facebook Accounts Found OnlineFacebook says there's no evidence user accounts were compromised.
Hurricane Dorian Lashing North Carolina CoastKatherine Johnson reports hurricane watches have been issued as far north as Canada for this weekend.)
Man In Stolen Police SUV Crashed Into Van, Two Children KilledHillary Lane reports the man who stole the police SUV was wanted for a stabbing in Dayton, Ohio.
Renewed Resolve To Ease US- China Trade DisputeNikole Killian reports the next round of talks are scheduled for September.
Judge Rules Johnson & Johnson Responsible For Rise In Opioid AbuseLauren Podesta reports the company was ordered to pay Oklahoma more than half a billion dollars in damages.
US-China Trade War Dominated G7 DiscussionsNikole Killion reports the discussions underway between China and the US create uncertainty which disturbs the markets.
Police Body Cam Shows Rescue Of Baby From Hot CarKris van Kleve reports the baby survived and now the mother is facing charges.
US, China Trade War Tensions EscalateChina has threatened tariffs on billions of dollars of US goods if the Trump administration goes through with its planned increase later this year.
Deadline Looms To Be "Real ID" CompliantNatalie Brand reports without a "Real ID" you won't be able to board a plane starting October 2020.

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