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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, Erin Andrews can’t quite get her “Justin’s” straight, a mascot’s royal mess-up caught on tape, watch the most obnoxious Boston fan ever and if you thought it was tough to be a failing quarterback in New York, welcome to Texas.

Don’t Mess With Texas

If you think New Yorkers are the most brutal sports fans, think again.

Proof? I offer you Exhibit “A.” Check out this Texas native driving around with a “Schaub” slammed in the trunk.

That being said, how angry are Jets’ fans right now they didn’t think of doing that with a “Sanchez?”

Geno Smith and Eli Manning better watch out.

Story via CBS Houston

Justin Time

After the Red Sox beat the Tigers in Comerica Park Monday night, reporter Erin Andrews nearly made an error of her own during a post-game interview with Boston catcher Mike Napoli.

Watch the video as Andrews starts to call Detroit pitcher Justin Verlander… Justin Bieber.

It’s obvious enough that even Napoli can’t help but smirk. (You know they had a ball with that back in the locker room).

Now, normally, I would totally take advantage of this opportunity to say something snarky about Andrews.

But, frankly, Buddha himself would lose focus if he had to come face to face with that gnarly unkempt wad of Duck Dynasty facial hair Napoli insists on sporting as some sort of Boston Red Sox good luck charm. *Shudder*

Or, perhaps, she just couldn’t stop thinking about her earlier interview with our reporter Jeff Riger?

Story via CBS Detroit

Boston Strong? 

First of all, there are so very many things wrong with this video I don’t know exactly where to start… or if it’s even necessary to comment.

The only thing that could make this man’s behavior more obnoxious is if he was donning one of those aforementioned ridiculous Red Sox rally beards.

His mother must be proud.

Story via CBS Chicago

Mascot Mayhem

As if it isn’t mortifying enough to be a team mascot, how about if you were a team’s mascot and did this.

It happened in Brooklyn this week. While attempting a trampoline dunk over the dance team, Nets Mascot “BrooklynKnight” lost control of the ball in midair and got it jammed under the shot clock.

Completely. Stuck.

Rumor has it, he hasn’t been benched.

I guess the old adage holds… those that can “do” those that can’t become mascots.

Story via CBS New York

As a New York sports lover my favorite moment of the week happened on David Letterman.

For Dave’s “Late Show Top Ten List” he asked legendary New York athletes to list their “Top Ten Career Highlights at Madison Square Garden.”

They’re all fantastic.

My favorite is number seven:

Rangers legend Adam Graves: It’s a tie:winning the Stanley Cup in 1994 and ‘Disney On Ice.’

Check it out and tell me which one you liked best. E-mail me at or send me a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

Story via CBS New York