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March 16, 2016 8:00 AM

The Field Irish Pub & Eatery (Source:

What could be better than drinking a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day? Taking a close second is sitting down for a delicious Shepherd’s Pie and watching the game at your local Irish pub. South Florida has quite a number of these homestyle Irish pubs. Gather with friends or family at one of these eateries on one of the greenest days of the year to taste test the Shepherd’s Pie.
mickey byrnes Top Shepherds Pie In South Florida


Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
1921 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, Florida 33020
(954) 921-2317 

For eight years now since 2008, the residents of Hollywood have come to look forward to St. Patrick’s Day at Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. Not only does Mickey’s make the best Shepherd’s Pie using their own unique recipe, but they invite their customers to try one of 18 different beers they have on tap such as Guinness and Smithwicks. Sports events such as college football and soccer championships are as big a celebration at the pub just as St. Patrick’s Day is.  Flynn’s Shepherd Pie is made of ground sirloin and diced vegetables in a homemade gravy topped with piped mash. Other Irish specialties include bangers and mash, Scotch eggs and baby banger bites. Mickey Byrne’s will make St. Patrick’s Day memorable with their specialty meal.

maguires hill 16 Top Shepherds Pie In South Florida


Maguire’s Hill 16
535 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
(954) 764-4453

If you happen to be searching to satisfy those taste buds, Maguire’s Hill 16 not only will give you a reason to stop by for the authentic Irish menu, but there is always a colossal celebration going on as soon as you step into this Irish pub. They create an outstanding Shepherd’s Pie as well as other Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage and Gaelic steak. For 40 years, Maguire’s, a family run restaurant, has won the hearts and stomachs of South Floridians, thus giving them the reputation of being the oldest award winning Traditional Irish Pub and Restaurant in South Florida. As you savor that homemade Shepherd’s Pie, enjoy the live entertainment nightly ranging from traditional Irish to blues, jazz, and even contemporary music.

field irish pub Top Shepherds Pie In South Florida


The Field Irish Pub & Eatery
3281 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
(954) 964-5979

Searching for that little piece of Ireland right here in South Florida? The four leaf clovers will lead you to The Field Irish Pub & Eatery. The atmosphere is cozy, charming, intimate and quaint. The walls are covered with vintage books and not only does the pub have the best Guinness you can find in South Florida, but their Shepherd’s Pie with a bit of grated cheese isn’t bad either. Enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day meal out on the outdoor patio of The Field Irish Pub & Eatery as you feel the cool breeze surrounded by the old banyan tree.

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shanna key Top Shepherds Pie In South Florida


Shanna Key
1900 Flagler Ave.
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 295-8880

When partying is just about as important as finding that tasty and tantalizing Shepherd’s Pie, the place to be is Shanna Key, as far south as you can possibly get and still stay in Florida. Everyone is invited to share some Shepherd’s Pie and famous festivities on St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish Pub prides themselves on plenty of libations and delicious food at reasonable prices. This is the one eatery in Key West where the locals gather for a good Shepherd’s Pie. Shanna Key has mouthwatering Irish lunch specials every day and after a relaxing day at the nearby beach, this is the place to come for a most satisfying meal.

dillons Top Shepherds Pie In South Florida


Dillon’s Irish Pub & Grill
Tavernier Town Center
91200 Overseas Highway
Tavernier, FL 33070
(305) 852-6929

Combining the Florida Keys flavor with the luck of the Irish, Dillon’s never will disappoint your palate. The pub and grill serves some of the best Shepherd’s Pie in the Florida Keys and Dillon’s has won the People’s Choice Awards for Best Bar, Best Wings and Best Staff so you just can’t go wrong making this a stop on St. Patrick’s Day. The locals tend to enjoy visiting the pub on Sundays for afternoon kickoff, watching on the big screen with the rest of the gang. There are a variety of beers to choose from and you can only imagine the hoopla on St. Patrick’s Day. But with the spirit of Ireland at heart, every Thursday has become Irish Day when you have your choice of Shepherd’s Pie, corned beef & cabbage, Irish stew in a bread bowl or grilled bangers and mash. As long as you are in the Florida Keys, see why the locals are raving about this Irish haven of Shepherd’s Pie and all that Irish fare in a tropical setting.

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