“My birthday! I woke up and there was the car.”

The Ride
The Driver: Jonah
Vehicle in Question: 2010 Honda Civic Grey
Spotted at: Nautilus Middle School, 4301 North Michigan Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Car’s Nickname: “Sally, I tried Sally. I didn’t like it.”


Q: Hi Jonah! What can you tell us about your ride?

A: I like it. It drives pretty smooth. I feel very safe. The brakes could be a little better, but overall, I like it.

Q: Did you pick the car yourself?

A: I didn’t pick it. My parents got it for me for my birthday. They wanted a cheap car that worked well and was safe.

Q: So how did they give it to you?

A: My birthday morning they told me my friends were outside. I woke up and there was the car. I think there was a ribbon on the front. I was really surprised.

Q: What do you like best about your car?

A: The music. I love music. That’s my favorite thing.

Q: Why do you feel like it’s a safe car?

A: I feel safe in it. I can’t explain it. I know Hondas are known for being safe, also. I feel like if I got into an accident, nothing would happen.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: Always wear a seatbelt. And I try not to let people eat in the car, but it doesn’t work out too well.

Q: What’s the farthest you’ve driven the car?

A: I drove to downtown Ft. Lauderdale by accident. I was visiting my grandma in Ft. Lauderdale and ended up in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I was probably 15 minutes from where I needed to be.

Q: What would your dream car–within reason–be?

A: Does Maserati count? Or Mercedes then. Probably the E class. I am not a big car person. My dad has one and it drives great. I love it. But I wouldn’t complain about what I drive. A car’s a car.

Photos and interview by Aimee Heller

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