Top Spots For Wings In South Florida

September 13, 2013 7:55 AM

There’s something about buffalo wings that sparks a debate. Everyone who fries up a chicken wing and slathers on their secret sauce says their wings are the best, and let’s face it. it’s hard to mess up Buffalo wings. But some truly do aspire to greatness, mostly because of the sauce they use. There is also a debate about naked or breaded wings. Try them all and decide!

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22 South Florida locations
‪8695 NW 12th St‬
‪Miami, FL 33126‬
(786) 845-9366

They’ve been making wings across South Florida for decades, and there’s a reason people keep coming back. The wings are big, meaty, and the sauces are succulent. You can get ’em mild, or burn-your-mouth hot. For the wing-wimp, you can get ’em barbecue style. The wings are lightly dusted before frying but not overly breaded. Add some blue cheese and celery, and maybe a beer, and you’ll be happy.


Buffalo Wild Wings

2 locations, including
11401 NW 12th St.,
Miami, Fl 33172
(305) 513-2660

First, don’t knock off points because they’re in a mall. They are part of a nationwide chain, but you won’t care when you get a plate of their crispy, juicy wings in front of you. Unlike some in the chicken-wing biz, their wings are never frozen, and they say it makes the wings taste better. The sauces also help; they have 14 different varieties and 4 different types of seasoning. If “hot” is not your favorite, you can still find something to make your taste buds sing.


Bru’s Room

3 locations including
235 South Federal Highway
Pompano Beach, Fl
(954) 785-2227

Most chicken wings are fried. At Bru’s, they grill the wings, and that provides a unique taste. Hot and tasty with your favorite sauce, you also get the charcoal goodness from the grill. If you’re looking for something a bit beyond the traditional Buffalo wings, this may be it.

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20400 Old Cutler Road
Cutler Bay, Fl. 33157
(305) 253-9360
No Website

It’s best known as a raw bar and seafood restaurant, but if you can get past that and try the ribs, you’ll wonder why they don’t forget the fish and embrace the chicken. The wings spend a couple of days marinating before they hit the fryer, but the details don’t matter. It’s the taste that counts. The wings are big and meaty, and you can have them every way from naked to blackened. Don’t like fried? They’ll grill them for you. Try the honey-blackened wings for something special.


Sports Grill

6 Locations, including
10005 Sunset Dr
Kendall, Fl 33126
(305) 598-2227

Here’s how they do it. They fry the wings, slather on the sauce you want, then pop em on the grill for some extra smoky flavor. That’s like a double play, the best of both wing worlds. They claim to have the best wings in Miami, but so does everyone else. Theirs, though, may come close. Excellent sauces, from standard buffalo sauce to super garlic. And then, there’s Miami Heats, a sauce blended with scotch bonnet peppers to make it raging hot!