Top Spots For Voice Lessons In South Florida

September 17, 2013 9:01 AM

Got a remarkable singing voice and wonder where to cultivate it in Miami? We have selected the most acclaimed slew of schools and coaches that will take you to the next level.

Miami Music Works

11771 S. Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33156
(305) 256-1655

Practice and discipline is what makes an artist successful. Dedication and devotion go beyond the budget when it comes to music and voice. Teachers of Miami Music Works are solicited from UM or FIU and they are at least majoring in what they are teaching. Instructors can give lessons in the studio or at your place. The cost is different but the result is invariable; persistence in training will bring you greatness.

Florida Sings

Miami, FL 33138

Mary Walkley’s Connected Voice Studio promises to teach you the secrets that professionals already know, learn stage presence, eliminate strain and bridge the head/chest gap. How? It is taught through the method called the ‘Connected Voice’ that teaches a beautiful sound produced effortlessly and resonates with strength and beauty. Years of practice, teaching and learning come down to a technique that shows you how to free your vocal apparatus from external musculature (how to breathe correctly). One of the various reasons why she’s so in demand is that she teaches how to use your singing voice as well as your speaking voice effectively.

Superior Academy of Music

7746 N. Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33156
(305) 771-2726

Choosing from a slew of outstanding singers and voice teachers from Superior Academy of Music. Students are able to choose between classical voice lessons or learning about specifics like Jazz, Rock, R&B or Pop. Being a student at SAM, you will have the chance to take a weekly musicianship 50-minute lesson to understand the fundamentals of theory and history of music and become a well-rounded artist.

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(877) 231-8505

You voice and zip code have something in common: the quest for the perfect teacher. With TakeLessons, you may find out that the pianist at the end of the hallway is the teacher you have always searched for that will take you to the next level and cultivate your skill. Before approaching the selected voice coach, you must do some homework like knowing your goals, how flexible your schedule is and what your learning style is. With a few more details like the length of the class and the location, you will come to pick the perfect route to success.

The Kramer Voice Company

1814 N.E. Miami Gardens Drive, Suite 606
North Miami Beach, FL 33179
(305) 651-9461

To increase your vocal range, improve your breathing and amplify your vocal potential, you are best off going to Kramer, a platinum-selling vocalist and master vocal coach. With the guidance of Mr. Kramer, or any of the coaches working with him, you will accomplish your goal, whether it’s to prepare to go on tour, finish an album or just achieve voice control.

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