In ancient times, people used to pierce their bodies to protect themselves from evil spirits. Today, we do it to show we belong to the tough crowd or to shine with some beautiful jewelry. As per the area of the body to get pierced, the choices are almost endless. The biggest thing to keep in mind when considering a piercing is cleanliness and hygiene. When it comes to choosing the right studio, professionalism and décor come after reputation, which in the piercing world is built over continuous success and mouth-to-mouth referrals. All of these shops are subject to state laws. Clients have to be of legal age or accompanied by their legal guardian (no exceptions). Choose any one from this list when you’re ready for your next look.


Luiz Segatto
5582 N.E. 4th Court, Suite C6
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 467-4276

Luiz Segatto, originally from Brazil, moved to the US over 20 years ago. He has built himself a reputation with a legend of Miami Beach from which he separated in the mid ’80s to open one of the, then, still few tattoos parlors in South Beach. Loyal clients from all over the world follow him everywhere, even in the newly opened location in the artsy Design District, to repetitively have any inks or piercings done.


New Age Body Piercing
3070 Grand Ave.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 446-0203

When it comes to deciding whether to pierce your ears, professionalism, attention, punctuality and cleanliness of this place win over any doubt. Hew Age Body Piercing specializes in piercing, brandings and scarifications, and suspension shows. Being of age is a necessity since some of the practices of the parlor are not suitable for minors.

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Tattoos by Lou
231 14th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-7300

Legendary Lou’s tattoo career began in 1968 in Astoria, New York and culminated with his first studio in South Beach in the ‘80s. The rest is history of generations loyal to the studio. Now his legacy continues with his daughter and husband and has expanded to three locations in Dade County. When in search of a pedigreed piercing, any of his piercers will do the job (as by law, minors must be accompanied by their legal guardians).


Tattoo Blues
927 Sunrise Lane
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 561-7979

Beach, sun, palms and bikinis are reminiscent of vacations, which can go hand in hand with making the dream of the first piercing come true. Tattoo Blues is located in the center of Fort Lauderdale where tourists spend their favorite time shopping and sunbathing. The staff takes pride in its responsiveness, politeness and in the fact that the store became a destination even for international visitors. Remember your trip to Fort Lauderdale with a new piercing.

Bones Tattoos & Barber Co.
5221 N. State Road 7
Tamarac, FL 33319
(954) 829-9093

Bones has been in business for nearly 15 years in Broward County. The peculiarity is that the owner Bones and his wife now own the only place where tattoos, piercing and barbering are combined under one roof. This allows a great deal of happenings, different types of clients and artists for every type of service. This spot keeps it sterile because all reusable instruments are run through the ultrasonic and then steam autoclave, providing a hospital level of cleanliness.

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