With summer and the typical South Florida heat quickly approaching, it’s time for people to start getting their wardrobe ready. We have a unique sense of style here in Florida, made by a factor of our unique climate and culture. The best way to embrace that is through your wardrobe with summer trends that are fun, quirky, cute and flattering. Need some help coming up with the right looks to do all that? Then read on for the hottest tips from local South Florida fashionista Maria Tettamanti.

Written in Maria Tettamanti’s witty and hilarious style, top designer fashion blog The Wordy Girl is a funny blog about serious fashion, luxe travel (Maldives, anyone?) and highbrow beauty. As a veteran journalist for The Miami Herald and Miami.com, columnist for The Huffington Post and regular contributor for Allure Magazine, Tettamanti brings a serious dose of expertise in the blogging realm. Also of note is Tettamanti’s off-the-charts engagement via all social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which compliments her side-splitting candor and impactful photography.

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Maria is an amazing writer and columnist for several sites which immediately attracted her to a fellow fashion and beauty blogger. She is not only prompt with responding to requests, but is also super easy to work with. Her work speaks for itself and her down-to-earth styling tips can help readers style themselves for any occasion: work, events, everyday life and uber glam. She pops color and glamorous details that will not only make a woman feel on-point on the daily, but also red carpet ready. The way that she combines casual with glam is quite impressive as well as intriguing.

South Florida Requires A Different Kind Of Fashion

Let’s start off with the year-round heat and humidity, shall we? It’s hot outside so we Miami gals need to wear light and airy fabrics in the shape of flowy frocks, shorts and tank tops. Miami is also a melting pot of Cubans, Brazilians, Mexicans and more, so these cultures lend our locals carte blanche to wear more colorful and vibrant hues.

Emphasis On Colors

I adore pretty pastels during the summertime. Think lilacs, pinks and baby blues. These colors look really nice against a bronze Miami tan.

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This Season’s Biggest Trends

I can’t get enough off-the-shoulder tops! It’s a super flattering silohuette. I also love the return of lingerie-inspired dresses because they’re so sexy yet chic at the same time. Also a must? Distressed denim shorts — just don’t let your butt cheeks hang from the bottom. That’s my pet peeve!

Confidence Is Everything

Only wear things you’re comfortable and confident in. Fit is so important. And personally speaking, I always start an outfit choice with shoes (I know, weird!) and then build my look around that focal point. It works!

Follow Maria a.k.a. The Wordy Girl Blog and you’re sure to win the Summer fashion game in hot climates this season.

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