Big Name Musicians Cancel SeaWorld Gig, Question Whales In Captivity Top rock and country music acts are canceling plans to perform at SeaWorld Orlando because of questions raised in a new documentary about the effects of captivity on whales.
Pilot Whales Behavior Raises Concern For Wildlife Experts Wildlife experts were “cautiously hopeful” Thursday as dozens of short-finned pilot whales stranded Tuesday seemed to be heading back to home range in deeper waters. But after aerial observation, 20 of the whales were spotted moving closer toward shore, raising a red flag to experts.
Marine Experts "Cautiously Optimistic" As Whales Head Toward Deeper WatersThe fate for the remaining live pilot whales seemed bleak Wednesday as the miles between them and their home-range of deeper waters had shallows and sand flats in-between—making it difficult to navigate. However, on Thursday, experts’ optimism boosted as 35 of the whales seem to be headed in the right direction.
Orcas Give Tampa Couple Surprise Anniversary PresentLaura Howard and her husband Rich decided to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in La Paz last year. They were going to dive with the seals in the sea of Cortez when the trip to an unexpected turn.
4 Pilot Whales That Survived Stranding Moved To SeaWorld Orlandoour young pilot whales who survived a mass stranding on a Florida beach are now being cared for at SeaWorld Orlando.
Whale That Survived Stranding Dies At Rehab CenterOne of the five whales who survived a mass stranding on a South Florida park beach beach has died at Ft. Pierce rehab center.
Rescued Whales Showing Signs Of ImprovementFive pilot whales which stranded themselves on a South Florida beach along with 22 others are doing better after being hydrated with fish smoothies through a feeding tube every four hours and monitoring their activity levels around the clock.
22 Whales Beached At South Florida State ParkRescuers are struggling to help a pod of pilot whales that beached at a South Florida state park.
Seaworld's New Marine Rehab Facility Draws Some CriticismSeaWorld Orlando is set to open a new rehabilitation facility for wild dolphins and whales that wash ashore but the decision to open the facility is drawing some criticism.
Keys' Conservancy Euthanizes Critically Ill Pilot Whale For the second time Marine Mammal Conservancy personnel had to euthanize a pilot whale which was part of a stranding earlier this month in the lower Florida Keys.
Away From Spotlight, Whale Rescue Effort ContinuesThe plight of a pod of pilot whales who stranded themselves off Cudjoe Key two weeks ago has moved out of the headlines, but day after day, around the clock, a cadre of volunteers works to save the lives of the 4 surviving whales