Fraction Of Florida Felons Will Be Able To Vote In NovemberWith Florida’s Oct. 5 voter-registration deadline looming, convicted felons and their advocates are scrambling to clear up outstanding court-related debts or take advantage of special programs so that people who have served their time behind bars can cast ballots in this year’s presidential election.
Florida's 29 Electoral College Votes At Play As State Voters Begin Casting Ballots In Presidential RaceVoting has already begun in the Sunshine State, whose 29 electoral college votes will be critical in the presidential election.
Coronavirus Concerns And Voting: Miami-Dade, Broward Election Officials Prepared To Protect Voters, WorkersFlorida elections officials are watching the spread of the coronavirus in our state ahead of the Presidential Preference Primary on March 17 in order to make sure fears about the virus don’t disrupt Election Day.
Florida Judge Says Felons In Federal Lawsuit Can Register To VoteFelons in a federal lawsuit who have completed their time behind bars but can’t afford to pay court-ordered fees and fines can continue to register to vote but cannot cast ballots yet, under an order issued this week by a federal judge.
Florida, Federal Officials 'Relentlessly' Securing Election SystemsState and federal officials announced Friday they are “relentlessly” working together to protect election systems in Florida from on-going foreign interference.
Florida Elections Law Targeted Over Early Voting SitesPart of a new elections law that requires “sufficient nonpermitted parking” at early voting sites will create an unconstitutional burden on young voters attending colleges or universities, plaintiffs in a long-running dispute over campus early voting argued in documents filed Monday.
Florida Citizenship Voting Proposal Clears ThresholdSupporters of a proposed constitutional amendment about the citizenship of voters have cleared an important initial threshold, setting the stage for a Florida Supreme Court review.
Thousands Of Mailed Ballots In Florida Were Not CountedOver a month after Election Day, the drama in Florida still hasn’t completely subsided.
Broward Election Recount Delayed Because Of Problem With MachinesElection problems just keep popping up in Broward County.
President Trump Campaigns In Florida For Second Time This WeekWith polls showing close races, President Trump visited the state for a second time within a week to campaign for Republicans.
Parkland Survivors Vote For 1st Time, Months After MassacrePerhaps the strong message from survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting is that young people need to vote if they want change.