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Jerry Seinfeld Explains Kesha Hug SnubJerry Seinfeld has explained that he won't hug "a total stranger," days after he denied pop singer Kesha a hug in an exchange that was caught on camera and went viral.
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Twitter Users Mock United Over Overbooked Flight Incident Just a day after a viral video showed a bloodied man being dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight by security, Twitter users took to the platform to make fun of the airline's tactics.
Video Of Passenger Getting Dragged Off United Flight Sparks Uproar A video of a passenger being dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight sparked an uproar on socials media as the airline insists its employees had no choice but to contact authorities and remove the man.
Child Who Saved Falling Brother Awarded By The CommunityJoseph can barely hold his year and half old baby brother Eitan, but on a November day he somehow had superhero strength.
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NASA Releases Picture of Saturn's RingsNASA recently released a photo of Saturn's razor-thin rings and one of Saturn's moons.
Time-Lapse Posted By Astronaut Shows Lightning From SpaceNew time lapse video posted on social media shows storms through parts of the world.
War Veteran Post Goes Viral After DUI Crash DeathThe Facebook post of an Iraq war veteran killed in a Florida DUI crash has gone viral.
Miami-Dade Health Dept. Confirms 1st Dengue Fever Case Miami-Dade County Health Department officials confirmed Thursday that a Miami-Dade resident has contracted Dengue Fever.