Scott's $368 Million In Vetoes Spans Statewide As Governor Rick Scott signed the state’s $74.1 billion spending plan on Monday, he also used his veto power on a total of $368 million in spending projects.
Gov. Scott May Veto Tuition IncreaseGov. Rick Scott hinted Friday that he is considering vetoing a 3 percent tuition increase as he considers the budget lawmakers sent him this week.
Scott's Budget Vetoes Target South Florida HardFlorida’s almost $70-billion dollar budget funds critical statewide services, adds a little extra to education and should help the state maintain a solid credit rating, but South Florida took a big punch from Governor Rick Scott's veto pen to the tune of $25 million.
$70 Billion Budget Heads For Gov. Scott's DeskFlorida lawmakers signed off late Friday on a $70 billion budget that doesn't raise taxes, but eliminates thousands of jobs, slashes money going to hospitals and universities, and raises college tuition rates. The budget was the last significant action they took before adjourning the 2012 Legislative session at Midnight, the last possible moment.
M-D Commission Votes To Avoid Police LayoffsIt’s back to square one for Miami-Dade County Commissioners and the Mayor who are trying to solve the County’s budget battle.
Political Showdown Looms In Miami-Dade's Healthcare Impasse Miami-Dade County Commissioners are scheduled to meet Tuesday to finally solve a political showdown between Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the Commission over controversial concessions on county unions including the police union.
Scott Targets Weakest For Line-Item Veto CutsAfter using his line item power to veto more than $600 million in state spending, Governor Rick Scott is drawing heat from critics who say he has targeted the state's most vulnerable citizens.