Venezuelan Maduro Regime To Ration ElectricityVenezuela's embattled president has announced a 30-day plan to ration electricity.
Venezuela's First Lady Visits With Miami-Dade Mayor, Officials; Receives Key To The CountyFabiana Rosales was all smiles as she met local elected officials at Miami-Dade County Hall.
Trump Calls Venezuela's Situation 'Unfathomable' During Meeting With Country's First LadyFabiana Rosales came to the oval office with a plea for President Donald Trump and his top advisors.
Trump To Meet With 5 Caribbean Leaders At Palm Beach ResortThe White House says President Donald Trump will meet with leaders of five Caribbean nations on Friday in an effort to strengthen cooperation on security and trade issues.
American Airlines Stops Flights To VenezuelaAmerican Airlines is stopping flights to Venezuela because of safety concerns.
Possible Presidential Candidate Howard Schultz Discusses Cuba, Gun Control, VenezuelaPotential 2020 presidential candidate Howard Schultz has been making the rounds in South Florida this week.
US Secretary Of State: 'US Diplomats Have Left Venezuela, For Now'A convoy of about 15 U.S. Embassy vehicles were seen heading to Venezuela's International Airport Simon Bolivar.
Americans Ordered To Leave The US Embassy In VenezuelaThe political crisis continues to escalate in Venezuela and now there's a new order to get Americans out of the country safely.
Most Of Venezuela Still In The Dark From Massive Power Outage A massive power outage has left over 70% of Venezuela without electricity.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 'Venezuela Is Going To Enter A Period Of Suffering'The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings Thursday on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela.
US Journalist Working In Venezuela Released After Being Taken By Maduro's ForcesA U.S. journalist working in Venezuela has gone missing after Nicolas Maduro's security forces were seen taking him from his apartment.
Guaidó Returns To Venezuela Despite Arrest ThreatsJuan Guaidó, interim President of Venezuela, spoke about his return to his country on Monday after a 10-day tour throughout Latin America.
FIU Holds Discussion On Crisis In VenezuelaThe crisis in Venezuelan was the focus of a discussion Thursday morning by experts and professors at Florida International University.
'What Maduro Did Reflects The Dictatorial Nature Of His Regime,' Said US Journalist Held In VenezuelaAs clashes along the Colombia-Venezuelan border continued Tuesday, there were other developments surrounding the continued crisis in Venezuela.
Univision Journalists Freed After Being Detained At Venezuelan Presidential PalaceAn extremely dramatic situation unfolded in Venezuela for Spanish-language journalist Jorge Ramos and his colleagues.