Senators Condemn US Meeting With Venezuela's Indicted Leader Nicolas Maduro; 2 Americans FreedVenezuela's indicted leader Nicolas Maduro has freed two jailed Americans, including an oil executive imprisoned alongside colleagues for more than four years, as it seeks to improve relations with the Biden administration amid Russia’s war with Ukraine, the White House announced Tuesday night.
Sen. Rubio Agrees With Biden Ban On Russian Oil Imports, But Criticizes Talks With Maduro RegimeThe White House had been reluctant to do so because it would force already spiking gas prices to skyrocket.
Miami Businessman Jorge Nobrega Pleads Guilty To Helping Venezuela Skirt SanctionsA Miami businessman has pleaded guilty in federal court to receiving payments from Venezuela's government and servicing the country's fleet of Russian fighter jets in violation of U.S. sanctions.
Alex Saab's Attorneys Fear For Family In Venezuela After Revelation Businessman Was DEA InformantA Colombian businessman linked to Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro secretly worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration as a cooperating source in 2018 and provided agents with information about bribes he paid to officials as well as forfeiting more than $9.5 million in illegal proceeds he earned from corrupt state contracts.
Alex Saab, Key Ally Of Venezuela Leader Nicolas Maduro, Made First Court Appearance In Miami On Money Laundering ChargesA Columbian financier who works closely with embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro made his first U.S. federal court appearance in Miami on Monday after being extradited from Cape Verde over the weekend.
Attorney For Key Ally Of Venezuela Leader's Nicolas Maduro Called His Extradition To The US IllegalAn attorney for Alex Saab, a key Columbian financier that works closely with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, called his extradition to the U.S. illegal.
Ally To Venezuelan Leader Nicolas Maduro Extradited To US On Money Laundering ChargesA senior U.S. official says that a top fugitive close to Venezuela’s socialist government has been put on a plane to the U.S. to face money laundering charges.
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Announces ‘Cry For Freedom’ To Take Place At Bayfront Park In Support Of Cuba, Venezuela & NicaraguaMayor Suarez and other city leaders say this event is crucial to making sure these countries are not forgotten about, and to keep the pressure on the United States to take action.
Miami Prosecutors Throw The Book At Money Launderer For VenezuelaFederal prosecutors in Miami are seeking a stiff prison sentence against a U.S.-based money manager they claim is hindering their efforts to seize a $2.7 million home and other assets he agreed to forfeit when he pleaded guilty to laundering bribe payments for a corrupt Venezuelan official.
2 Venezuelan Nationals Arrested In Fort Lauderdale After Weapons, Cash Found In JetFederal officials announced Tuesday the arrest of two Venezuelan nationals after finding weapons and large amounts of U.S. currency onboard an aircraft in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.
2 Former Green Berets Sentenced To 20 Years In Failed Florida-Based Beach Attack In VenezuelaA court in Venezuela has sentenced two former U.S. special forces soldiers to 20 years in prison for their part in a failed beach attack aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro, prosecutors announced.