U.S. Halts Brazilian Beef Imports Over Health ConcernsThe USDA has halted imports of fresh Brazilian beef to the United States over public health concerns. 
Florida Eradicates Oriental Fruit Fly From Miami-DadeThe potential damage Florida's $120 billion agriculture industry appears to have been avoided.
Meat Processor Recalling Over 160,000 Pounds Of Ground BeefOver 160,000 pounds of ground beef is being recalled by a Nebraska-based meat company over an E. coli scare.
Tenderized Meat To Be Labeled In 2016Some steaks and roasts on store shelves have been mechanically tenderized but until recently there were no rules in place to let consumers know if what they were buying had been tenderized, an important piece of information for consumers.
Barber Foods Recalls Chicken Products Over Salmonella ContaminationBarber Foods is recalling over a million pounds of frozen, raw stuffed chicken products for possible contamination with Salmonella.
Beech-Nut Voluntarily Recalls 1,920 Pounds Of Baby FoodBeech-Nut Nutrition is recalling almost 2,000 pounds of baby food products that may be contaminated with small pieces of glass.
USDA Predicts Drop In Citrus Production This YearThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is predicting a drop in citrus production for this year.
Food Company Recalls Meat Sent To Florida A food company is recalling more than 850 pounds of beef and chicken that were distributed in Florida.
Student-Run Beetle-Rearing Lab Will Fight Air Potato VineThe first-ever student-run beetle-rearing lab will be in operation in South Florida.
Black Labs Graduate Giant African Snail Sniffing SchoolA couple of new defenses against the Giant African Land Snails that have taken over parts of Miami will be sniffing out the invasive creatures.
First Lady Promotes "Let's Move" Campaign At Miami ParkFirst Lady Michelle Obama was in Miami Tuesday to promote her "Let's Move" initiative by announcing a new partnership aimed at providing more healthy snacks to activity time to kids, especially after school.