US Co-opted Cuba's Hip-Hop Scene To Spark ChangeAmid tensions between Cuba and the United States, a U.S. contractor sent a Serbian music promoter to help spark an anti-government movement using rap music.
Alan Gross Marks Fifth Year In Cuban PrisonThe family of Alan Gross has marked his fifth year of imprisonment in Cuba.
U.S. Sent Latin Youths To Cuba To Push For ChangeThe U.S. Agency for International Development reportedly sent youth from several Latin American countries to Cuba to push for political change.
Alan Gross, Imprisoned In Cuba, Says Goodbye To FamilyA lawyer for Alan Gross, an American who has spent more than four years imprisoned in Cuba, said Monday that his client cannot take life in prison much longer and has said his goodbyes to his wife and a daughter.
Wife Worried Suicide May Be Option For Imprisoned U.S. ContractorThe wife of imprisoned U.S. contractor Alan Gross is calling for his freedom in Cuba and she's worried he may do something drastic.
Alan Gross Ends Hunger StrikeAlan Gross, an American who has been imprisoned in Cuba for more than four years, has called off his hunger strike.
Cuba 'Concerned' Over Jailed American's Hunger Strike The Cuban government expressed concern Wednesday over a jailed U.S. government subcontractor on hunger strike since last week.
American Imprisoned In Cuba Begins Hunger Strike An American man imprisoned in Cuba for more than four years is on a hunger strike, according to a statement released by his lawyer on Tuesday.
U.S. Secretly Created "Cuban Twitter" To Stir Up UnrestOn the streets of Havana, people still talk about Zunzuneo, a social media network that exploded on the Communist island. It was named after the sound made by a hummingbird.
U.S. And Cuban Leaders Discuss Direct Mail ServiceDirect mail service is being discussed, again, between U.S. and Cuban representatives.
American Prisoner In Cuba Settles Lawsuit Against Md. CompanyAn American imprisoned in Cuba settled a lawsuit Thursday against the company he was working for when arrested, a lawsuit that claimed he wasn't properly warned about or prepared for the risks of working in the communist nation.