The Big Thing In TV Sets This Year Is ... Big TV SetsWhen we ask ourselves what does 2017 look like when it comes to TV? Well it looks like bigger screens, a clearer picture and cheaper prices but that's it.
Look For Deals On Fitness Tech, 4K TVs In JanuaryIf you resisted temptation before the holidays to pick up a new TV or fitness tracker watch or band, your patience is about to pay off.
Energy-Efficient TVs Might Be Using More Energy Than You ThinkLook around any store trying to sell you the latest high-definition TV and you'll see an official-looking "Energy Guide" showing how little this model will cost you in electricity. That's only if you keep your TV in its "Energy Saving" mode.
The Big Game Deserves The Best TV
Mounting Your TV
David Letterman Doesn't Think He'll Revisit The Ed Sullivan Theater After Final ShowHe also discusses his longtime desk and what he'll be doing in five years.
Is 'Broad City' the 'I Love Lucy' for Millennials?Lucy and Ethel revolutionized friendship for a whole group of women on the verge of a societal change, and now Abbi and Ilana are doing the same thing on their Comedy Central show 'Broad City.'
Lots Of TV Talk Going On At The Fontainebleau For Annual NATPEThe National Association of Television Program Executives, also known as NATPE, is basically a one-stop shop for the buying and selling of TV shows .
Study: Action-Packed TV Might Make You Snack MoreCould action-packed TV fare make you fat? That's the implication of a new study that found people snacked more watching fast-paced television than viewing a more leisurely paced talk show.
Lights, Camera, No Action: State's Production Business Fades To BlackThe days of motion pictures in South Florida are about to fade to black.
CBS To Air Recording Of Woman Before MurderCBS' "48 Hours" this weekend will air parts of a haunting voicemail recorded during the last minutes of a young woman's life as she was murdered, although the victim's mother says she wishes the show wouldn't.