Florida Trappers Catch New Species Of Monster-Sized Suwannee Alligator Snapping TurtlesA 100-pound Suwannee alligator snapping turtle, a new species that lives in the Suwanee River, was among three of the massive reptiles recently captured by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
2 Charged With Trafficking Thousands Of Turtles Two suspects are facing serious charges after wildlife officials say they were poaching thousands of Florida’s native turtles from the wild and selling them illegally
Endangered Green Sea Turtle Males Seem To Be DisappearingThe struggle to save the already endangered green sea turtle faces a new challenge.
Matthew Destroys 800 Turtle Nests Near West Palm BeachWildlife officials say Hurricane Matthew destroyed about 800 sea turtle nests in northern Palm Beach County as it skirted up Florida's Atlantic coastline.
Seaquarium Returns Rehabbed Turtles To The WildFive juvenile green sea turtles who have spent the last month or so in rehab at the Miami Seaquarium have been returned to the wild.
US: International Trade Threatens Native TurtlesFederal wildlife authorities hope they will be successful at getting a new rule put into place that would require permits to ship four native freshwater turtles overseas.
Sick Turtle Swims To Florida Keys' Turtle Hospital An injured green sea turtle swam into the boat basin of the Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys Thursday and was rescued.
SeaWorld Warns Of Fishing Hook Dangers To TurtlesFisherman are being urged to dispose of hooks and line properly after SeaWorld Orlando rescued its 59th turtle of the year. SeaWorld officials say the turtle underwent surgery Friday to remove two fishing hooks from its throat.
Rescued Sea Turtles Make A Splash In Well-Known WatersAfter months of care and recovery, a group of rescued sea turtles have gone home.
Nesting Sea Turtles Face ChallengesStorm surges from Superstorm Sandy and Tropical Storm Debbie last year combine with seasonal high tides caused erosion on many of the state’s beaches.
Postal Service Cuts Past Red Tape To Save Turtles In TroubleThere was something in a storm drain that caught the attention of Jeff Brooks' three dogs.