Zoo Miami's Ron Magill Says Climate Change Must Be Considered When Protecting Endangered SpeciesThe Trump Administration is scaling back endangered species regulations and is now proposing to strip the tiny Key Deer of its endangered species status.
Key Deer Being Removed From Endangered Species List By Trump AdministrationThe Trump Administration plans to delist Key Deer from the endangered species list.
Trump Administration's Venezuela Embargo Looks To Harm Maduro RegimeIt has been characterized as maybe an ‘embargo light’ aimed at Venezuelan military and government officials and front companies who are selling off Venezuelan oil and gold.
Major ICE Raids Didn't Materialize Over Weekend, Officials Say Operation Still OnImmigrant rights advocates across the United States say they've seen few signs of the ICE raids that Trump administration officials had warned would begin Sunday.
Florida Lawmakers Demand Migrant Teen Facility Be Shut DownThree Democratic lawmakers demanded Tuesday that the Trump administration shut down the country's largest child migrant facility in Florida and release hundreds of teens to small shelters or relatives.
Miami Family Suing Cuban Government, Spanish Hotel Chain Over Business Confiscated By Castro Regime In 1960'sA groundbreaking class action lawsuit has been filed against the Cuban government.
Cuba Announces Rationing Of Food And Hygiene Products Amid US SanctionsThe Trump Administration is being blamed for new food rations in Cuba.
Pence Brings Down The House At Annual Convention Of The Israeli-American CouncilVice president Mike Pence wowed a crowd of some 3,000 people at the annual convention of the Israeli-American Council being held at the Hollywood Diplomat Hotel.
States Suing Trump Administration, Company Over 3D GunsAt least eight states are rushing to sue the Trump Administration over its decision to allow a Texas company to publish blueprints for untraceable, homemade guns.
Trump Asked Advisers About Invading VenezuelaPresident Donald Trump last August asked several top foreign policy advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela.
US Rep. Maxine Waters Encourages Supporters To Harass Trump Administration OfficialsRep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration