Study: 1 Out Of 8 People Suffer Anxiety When Cell Phone Battery Is LowThe stress gets high when the battery goes low. According to a new One Poll  survey, one in eight Americans suffers anxiety from a low phone battery.
Growing Popularity Of Cryptocurrency Leading To Crypto Romance ScamsThe growing popularity of cryptocurrency has also led to a rising number of scams.
Miami Dade College Gets $15 Million Boost For Tech ProgramsMiami is a burgeoning tech hub. And in order for it to meet the demands of tomorrow, it has to grow its workforce today. A $15 million donation to Miami Dade College is planned to help.
CBSNews Miami Now Available For Free On Pluto TVReady to cut the cord?  CBSNews Miami, our direct-to-consumer 24-hour local streaming service is now available, for free, on PlutoTV.
Giant Leap For Man As James Webb Telescope Reaches Final Destination 1 Million Miles AwayThe most powerful telescope known to man has reached its final destination.
Lasers In Space: NASA's New Mission To Revolutionize Space Communication Set To Launch Dec. 5NASA wants to test out a laser again in space to speed up space communications and is planning to launch its Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) on Sunday, Dec. 5.
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody Takes Aim At Instagram & Its Effects On KidsFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody and attorneys general from seven other states are launching an investigation focused on the use of the Instagram social-media platform and its effects on children and young adults.
Floridians Will Soon Get Digital Driver's LicensesMovie tickets, discount codes, even plane ticket and hotel confirmations are all things people store in smartphone digital wallets, but now Floridians will soon be able to carry a digital version of their driver’s license as well.
Florida Atty. Gen. Ashley Moody Warns Malware Can Drain Your Phone's Battery, Bank AccountsWe all know to protect our computers and tablets with security programs to prevent malicious viruses and trackers, but what about our phones.
Privacy Advocates Concerned About Amazon’s New Tech To Boost Performance Of DevicesIf you own certain Alexa-enabled Echo devices or some Ring camera models, Amazon will be able to use part of your home's WiFi to create a new network called Amazon Sidewalk.
Florida Healthy Kids Website BreachedHundreds of thousands of Floridians who applied for coverage or were enrolled in a children’s health insurance program between 2013 and 2020 are being encouraged to take steps to protect themselves financially after a cyberattack.