Seniors Are Picking Medigap Policies In Greater Numbers Year After YearAs we approach Annual Election Period (AEP) (aka Open Enrollment Season), seniors are, once again, opting for Medigap (aka Medicare Supplements) in greater numbers and there's good reason.
Supporting Cancer Patients Through The Body, Mind And SpiritA cancer diagnosis can be devastating to the mind, body, and spirit. Major challenges can arise for patients and their families. The support services at Memorial Cancer Institute in South Florida provide patients with comprehensive and compassionate care before, during and after their treatments.
Treating Your Arteries With The Power Of SoundAmazing advancements in medicine are happening every day. A technology which helps break up kidney stones is now being used to remove fatty deposits in the body’s arteries also known as arterial plaque. The procedure is called Shockwave I.V.L. or intravascular lithotripsy. Memorial is one of the first medical organizations in South Florida to offer I.V.L.
Understanding Two Types Of Advanced Non-melanoma Skin CancerWhile most people are familiar with melanoma, fewer know about BCC and CSCC. These two are among the most common cancers in the world and occur most frequently due to prolonged overexposure to the sun.
$35 Can Outfit A Child In Need Going Back-To-SchoolThe Children’s Services Council of Broward County asks you to make a difference by supporting the 2021 Back To School Extravaganza. Your donation of just $35 will help outfit a child in need with a backpack, school supplies, uniform, and shoes.
FPL Storm Tips: Keep Your Family and Home Safe During Hurricane SeasonFPL urges Floridians to be prepared and be aware of potential safety hazards at all times, especially before, during and after severe weather.
Open For BusinessFor many Florida students, the opportunity to attend college provides a chance at a better life for them and their families. For some students, like Markemia Peterson, it was a chance at a better life and a way to help her community grow.
Getting His Wings To Reach To The SkyHe found his dream job of flying airplanes when he was only a small kid. Now, with the help of the Bright Futures Scholarship, Kaivon Moran, a young Floridian, will get a chance to rise and soar.
Giving Back Is The GoalThe Bright Futures Scholarship provides opportunities to thousands of students to attend college; and although supporting students in their academic environment is a very important part of the program, it is not the program’s only goal. Forming better communities is also important.
A Bright Future AwaitsEach year, thousands of students benefit from the Bright Futures Scholarship program, funded by the Florida Lottery. These students are consistently working hard toward a better tomorrow.
Want To Achieve Big Dreams? Lead By ExampleWhen you have big dreams, you have to swing for the fences. Whether it is big dreams centered around your education, your sports career or your life, betting on yourself and working hard to get the results is the way to go. In the case of many students who have received the Bright Futures Scholarship, those dreams tend to come true.