Open For BusinessFor many Florida students, the opportunity to attend college provides a chance at a better life for them and their families. For some students, like Markemia Peterson, it was a chance at a better life and a way to help her community grow.
Getting His Wings To Reach To The SkyHe found his dream job of flying airplanes when he was only a small kid. Now, with the help of the Bright Futures Scholarship, Kaivon Moran, a young Floridian, will get a chance to rise and soar.
Giving Back Is The GoalThe Bright Futures Scholarship provides opportunities to thousands of students to attend college; and although supporting students in their academic environment is a very important part of the program, it is not the program’s only goal. Forming better communities is also important.
A Bright Future AwaitsEach year, thousands of students benefit from the Bright Futures Scholarship program, funded by the Florida Lottery. These students are consistently working hard toward a better tomorrow.
Want To Achieve Big Dreams? Lead By ExampleWhen you have big dreams, you have to swing for the fences. Whether it is big dreams centered around your education, your sports career or your life, betting on yourself and working hard to get the results is the way to go. In the case of many students who have received the Bright Futures Scholarship, those dreams tend to come true.
Setting Great GoalsBefore she graduates from college and becomes a physical therapist, Haley Jarrett wants to repay her family for everything they have done for her, and the first step was obtaining a Bright Futures Scholarship to help with her education expenses.
Catch A Wave Of Excitement With The New Guy Harvey $500,000 Florida Cash Scratch-OffsThe Florida Lottery is here with Guy Harvey’s $500,000 Florida Cash Scratch-Off Tickets, plus the Trucks, Bucks, and Trips Giveaway! This is your shot to catch the wave and win big prizes including a 2021 Guy Harvey Edition Ford F-150, $1000 cash prizes, and a VIP trip to Grand Cayman.
The Children’s Services Council of Broward County Reminds You May Is Mental Health Awareness MonthMany people, even outside of these trying times, experience mental health symptoms at some point in their life and symptoms can occur at any age and in people from all cultural backgrounds. It is important to ask questions, seek help, and most importantly, help those who may be experiencing issues regarding their mental health understand that they are not alone.
Support Families and Children During Child Abuse Prevention MonthApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month and we all play a role in promoting healthy child development, supporting families, and helping prevent child abuse and neglect.
Just Getting StartedNothing is impossible when your heart and mind are committed to your goals. And the Bright Futures Scholarship program is there to help bring those goals much closer.
Building A LegacyAs a mentor, Dr. Bent encourages college students to reach for their dreams, set high goals, and find the tools to help them get ahead. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and there are definitely resources available, like the Bright Futures Scholarship.