What’s Sending Mysterious Repeating Fast Radio Bursts From Deep Space?Far outside our Milky Way galaxy, something is causing repeating short bursts of radio waves to be released into space.
Mars Lander Sets Quake Monitor On Planet's Red SurfaceWith a spacecraft now securely landed on Mars, it is truly going where no man has gone before.
NASA's InSight Spacecraft Lands On MarsA 300-million-mile journey came to an end Monday afternoon as NASA guided its InSight spacecraft to a successful touchdown on Mars.
NASA Spacecraft Sets Record For Closest Approach To SunNASA's Parker Solar Probe is now closer to the sun than any spacecraft has ever gotten.
NASA Finds 'Water Ice' On The Surface Of The MoonScientists have long believed that water ice could exist in the ever-dark recesses at the moon's poles and that belief has finally been confirmed in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Aug. 20.
NASA Spacecraft Rockets Toward Sun For Closest Look YetNASA is ready to turn up the heat.
New Radio Telescope Picks Up Mysterious Signal From SpaceA new radio telescope in Canada is picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as "fast radio bursts" (FRBs).
Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Coming This WeekendThe annual Perseid meteor showers are coming this weekend.
Pluto Fans: Calling Objects Beyond Pluto 'Planet Nine' Is InsensitivePluto fans — and scientists — are taking umbrage with those who call another possible ‘further’ planet, ‘Planet Nine.’
Mars At Opposition: Red Planet To Make Closest Pass By Earth In 15 YearsGet ready to look toward the stars Friday night as two celestial events will be taking place, but you may only be able to see one depending on where you are in the world.
More Delay, Cost For NASA's Next-Generation Space TelescopeNASA's next-generation space telescope has been delayed yet again at a staggering cost of $1 million a day.