Turnout Light As Early Voting Begins In Dade, BrowardEarly voting started Saturday in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, which joined Monroe County, where voters have already been voting for a week. It was a slow start.
Early Voting Starts Saturday Across S. FloridaAs the South Carolina comes to an end Saturday, early voting in the Sunshine State will be just getting underway for the January 31 primary.
Tracking Poll: Gingrich Opens Up Lead Over RomneySouth Carolina looks like it is the midst of a full-fledged Newt Gingrich-surge ahead of Saturday’s primary, according to a new tracking poll; setting the stage for all-out war amongst the GOP before the January 31 Florida primary.
Rick Perry Out; Fla. Primary Looms LargeTexas Governor Rick Perry told supporters Thursday that he is ending his presidential campaign. Perry said that he found no viable path forward for his presidential run.
Is Another Gingrich Surge Coming?Mitt Romney has been the presumptive Republican presidential nominee for the past week, but some new polls show there may be another Gingrich-surge waiting to impact the race ahead of the upcoming Florida GOP primary.
Romney Leads In Polls Heading Into South Carolina PrimaryDespite leading in the polls in South Carolina a week before that state's primary, Mitt Romney's record at a private equity firm and his advocacy of a health insurance mandate while Massachusetts governor would hobble him as the GOP presidential nominee, several of his rivals said Sunday.
Gingrich Campaign May Be On Last LegFormer Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s Republican presidential campaign may not make it to the state of Florida.
Poll: Romney Gains Lead In S. CarolinaWhile polling for the biggest fish in the early primary season, Florida, hasn’t been conducted since the Iowa caucus; new GOP primary polling out of South Carolina gave Mitt Romney good news Friday.
S. Carolina Moves Primary Ahead Of FloridaLast Friday, the state of Florida threw the entire presidential primary schedule into chaos when it moved the state’s primary to January 31. Now, the schedule is getting even more scrambled as South Carolina will move its primary.