Florida Man Sentenced For Collecting Dead Mom's Social SecurityA Tampa-area man has been sentenced to six months in federal prison for collecting his mother's Social Security payments for nearly a decade after her death.
Florida Man Accused Of Cashing In Dead Mother’s Social Security Checks For 15 YearsA Florida man is accused of benefiting from his dead mother’s social security for the last 15 years.
Report: Social Security Won't Be Able To Pay Full Benefits By 2035; Medicare Depleted By 2026Social Security's trust funds will be tapped out by 2035, according to an annual report released Monday.
New Bill Introduced By Marco Rubio Aimed At Helping New Parents By Giving Flexibility To Their BenefitsSenator Marco Rubio introduced a new bill that would allow parents to use their Social Security benefits to finance their paid leave.
Bigger Social Security Checks In Store For 2019 For the second year in a row, US seniors will see increases in their Social Security checks starting in January.
Rubio Vows To Solve Nation's Debt Problem If ElectedIf elected president, Senator Marco Rubio said he would solve the nation's debt crisis by reforming Medicare, Social Security and forcing Congress to balance the federal budget.
Pines Social Security Office Evacuated Over Alleged Bomb Threat An alleged bomb threat prompted the evacuation of a Social Security Office in Pembroke Pines Friday morning.
Bush Proposes Overhaul To Social Security & MedicarePresidential hopeful Jeb Bush is looking to make significant changes to Social Security and Medicare just ahead of his party's third Republican primary debate in Colorado.
Social Security Releases 2014 Top Baby NamesIt’s very often the most common question a pregnant woman hears…'do you have a name?'
How To Max Out Your Social SecurityHow does getting more money sound? Laurence Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller and Paul Solomon have three tips for getting the most out of your social security.
Court Weighs Hike In Bar Fees For Legal AidFlorida's high court heard arguments Tuesday on whether attorneys should get a price hike in Bar fees to help meet the legal needs of poor Floridians.