Facebook Blames A 'Bug' For Not Deleting Your Deleted VideosA user downloaded their Facebook archive and was surprised to find several recordings that had been made years earlier and supposedly deleted.
Facebook's 'Ugly' Memo Brings More Controversy To The CompanyHow far would Facebook go to maximize its profit? A leaked memo from a top executive has many people wondering.
Global Backlash Leads To Facebook Privacy Settings ChangesIn the wake of the data breach by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is changing its privacy settings.
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Breaks Silence After Data ScandalFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologized for the first time in response to his company's privacy scandal.
Social Media Posts Tell Stories Of Stoneman Douglas Students Returning To ClassStudents who survived the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School returned to class for the first time on Wednesday.
Facebook Goes After LinkedIn With Job Postings ExpansionFacebook is taking on LinkedIn when it comes to jobs. 
Twitter Users Can Now Bookmark Tweets
Posting Too Many Selfies Can Affect Your Self-EsteemSelfies have become a part of daily life for many Americans, but if you're taking too many, psychologists say you might have "selfitis."
Fake Followers On Social Media Becoming A Big Issue For Some Employers And AdvertisersFlorida Attorney General Pam Bondi is joining the investigation into fake followers on social media.
Critics Urge Facebook To End Messenger Kids AppMore than 100 public health advocates are calling on Facebook to pull the plug on its new Messenger Kids app. 
Concerns Raised Over Laundry Pod Challenge On Social MediaThe latest social media fad in which teens put laundry detergent 'pods' in their mouths and post the videos online is raising eyebrows.
Major Changes Coming To Your Facebook News FeedYour Facebook feed is changing again by tweaking what people see to make the time spent on it more "meaningful"
Prince Harry On Obama Invitation: 'Wouldn't Want To Ruin That Surprise'Former President Barack Obama is urging leaders not to use social media in a way that divides people. 
Facebook Now Lets You Check To See If You Followed Russian PropagandaFacebook rolled out on Friday a tool to let users see whether they liked or followed any Facebook pages or Instagram accounts created by the Internet Research Agency.
Millennials Drawn To Social Media Friendly Museums & GalleriesMuseums and galleries are now trying to appeal to millennials who are looking to show off the perfect selfie on the site.