Large Security Force Being Hired To Enforce Social Distancing When Miami-Dade Parks, Marinas, Golf Courses ReopenStrict social distancing rules will remain in place as parts of Miami-Dade County slowly begin to reopen amid the coronavirus crisis.
Coronavirus Help: Dr. Ken Hopper Shares Tips On Coping With Confinement During COVID-19 CrisisFear and anxiety about the outbreak of the coronavirus has a lot of people living on the edge. It may not help that many have been forced to be confined inside their homes with hardly any social or physical interaction for several weeks.
Harvard Coronavirus Report: Social Distancing May Last Until 2022As we all get used to social distancing, wearing masks inside essential businesses, and staying at home as much as possible, a new report states this could be our new normal for a while.
Florida Surgeon General: Coronavirus Could Force Residents To Continue Social Distancing For A YearThe state’s top public health officer said Florida residents could be social distancing and wearing facial coverings for a year because of the coronavirus.
Department Of Justice: 'Expect Action' On Social Distancing Regulations Impacting Religious InstitutionsWith social distancing regulations impacting religious institutions across the United States, the Department of Justice said to "expect action" on the matter soon.
Social Distancing Fun: Let’s Take A Virtual Tour To Iconic MuseumsThe arts have always uplifted the human spirit, which is especially important now during the coronavirus pandemic. Even in these times of social distancing, we are taking you on a tour of some the world's most iconic museums.
‘Social Distancing’ The Key To Stopping Coronavirus SpreadWe're hearing all about “social distancing” as a tactic to try to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus. As schools are closing down, health experts are advising parents and students to not take this measure lightly.