VIDEO: Rare Sight As Loggerhead Sea Turtles Hatch & Make Beeline For Ocean In Key WestRare video of newly hatched loggerhead sea turtles emerging from their nest in Key West and making a beeline for the water.
Firefighters Rescue 3 Baby Sea Turtles From Storm DrainThree baby turtles are safe thanks to firefighters in Deerfield Beach.
Sea Turtle Spotlight: A Step In The Right DirectionMiami-Dade Parks with CBS EcoMedia, significant progress has been made. In March 2018, MDCSTCP installed sea-turtle friendly lights across Haulover Beach Park.
Winter Chill Having Strong Impact On Animals Like Sea Turtles & IguanasThe winter chill that's gripping much of the nation has stretched all the way down to the Florida panhandle. 
Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Rescued In FloridaIguanas aren't the only animals making people believe they're dead due to the cold. 
Massachusetts Turtles Released Into Waters Off Florida CoastIt’s always nice to see rescued wild animals released back to their natural habitat.
Sea Turtles Rescued Off Cape Cod Brought To Keys For RehabSea Turtles Rescued Off Cape Cod Brought To Keys For Rehab
Swells From Hurricane Nicole Push Baby Sea Turtles Back To ShoreHundreds of baby sea turtles were pushed back to shore along the Space Coast by swells from Hurricane Nicole.
Sex & The Sea Turtles: Study Reveals Impact Of Climate Change Climate change is a hot topic and now a new study finds that climate change is causing trouble for sea turtles.
Sea Turtles Set New Nesting Records In Georgia, FloridaSea turtles have set a new nesting record in Florida and other southeastern beaches, rebounding from a nesting slump last year.
FWC: Stop Putting Gopher Tortoises In WaterWildlife officials want to remind residents and visitors that not all turtles can swim.