US Coast Guard Releases More Than 200 Sea Turtles Off South Florida WatersMore than 200 sea turtles are back in the ocean.
Florida Coronavirus: Sea Turtles Thriving Due To Closed BeachesSea turtles in Florida are nesting in peace - for now.
Sea Turtle Eggs Exposed By Beach Erosion From Hurricane DorianClusters of sea turtle eggs have been exposed along Florida’s eastern seashore due to beach erosion from Hurricane Dorian’s whipping winds and walloping waves.
Hurricane Dorian's Winds To Impact Sea Life, Florida's CoastEven if Hurricane Dorian does not directly impact Florida, its strong winds could significantly damage our coastline.
Hurricane Dorian Threatens Sea Turtle Nests Along Florida CoastlineFlorida may void a direct Hurricane Dorian, but it could still effect our coastline. Experts predict Dorian’s strength will come with beach erosion which means a loss of habitat for sea turtles.
Miami-Dade Parks Work To Save Endangered Sea Turtles With Conservation ProgramA loggerhead turtle shuffles back to the ocean, having successfully completed the journey to lay her eggs.
22 Malnourished Sea Turtles Transferred To Florida Keys Turtle HospitalTwenty-two stranded juvenile green sea turtles, several encrusted with barnacles, indicating severe malnourishment, have arrived at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital from two Central Florida facilities for rehabilitation.
Sea Turtles Nested In Florida Despite 2018 Algae Bloom, Tropical StormsSea turtles nested consistently on Florida beaches in 2018, despite algae blooms that killed marine life and tropical storms, wildlife officials said.
32 Cold Sea Turtles Flown To Florida Keys To Warm UpThirty-two critically endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles that were rescued off Cape Cod were flown by private plane Tuesday from Quincy, Massachusetts, to the subtropical Florida Keys, where they will convalesce at Marathon's Turtle Hospital.
Hundreds Of Tiny Sea Turtles Find Refuge At Brevard Zoo In FloridaBrevard Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center is caring for nearly 300 green and loggerhead sea turtle “washbacks” pushed ashore when Hurricane Leslie disrupted their habitat. 
VIDEO: Rare Sight As Loggerhead Sea Turtles Hatch & Make Beeline For Ocean In Key WestRare video of newly hatched loggerhead sea turtles emerging from their nest in Key West and making a beeline for the water.