Moody Warns Of Scams Tied To Stimulus MoneyAttorney General Ashley Moody on Monday warned Floridians to be leery of stimulus-related scams, a day after President Donald Trump signed a massive coronavirus relief package.
Con Artists Keep Trying To Capitalize On Fears Surrounding COVID-19Three months ago, the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic and since then, con artists have tried to capitalize on fears surrounding COVID-19. The Federal Trade Commission has received around 67,000 complaints involving COVID-related fraud with people losing more than $48 million.
‘Don’t Feed The Scammers’: Miami-Dade State Attorney Sees Rise In Coronavirus-Related ConsIn a letter labeled “Don’t Feed the Scammers,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle stated they “are seeing an increase in scams conducted by ruthless individuals who are after your money.”
Coronavirus Update: Beware Of Scammers During Pandemic, Police WarnSouth Florida law enforcement is warning consumers to be on high alert for scams during the coronavirus pandemic.
Misinformation About Coronavirus Spreading Faster Than Virus ItselfMisinformation about the coronavirus is spreading faster than the virus itself and law enforcement authorities want you know about the surge in myths, hoaxes and scams.
Better Business Bureau: Coronavirus Scams SpreadingThe Better Business Bureau said it is receiving a growing number of coronavirus-related complaints. 
Scammers Prey On Coronavirus FearsAs fears over the coronavirus continue to rise, so are the number of scammers who are trying to exploit the situation. From cheap and shoddy merchandise to phishing emails and fake charitable causes, criminals are cashing in on this epidemic.
Better Business Bureau Releases Top 10 List Of Riskiest Scams In 2019A new report from the Better Business Bureau is ranking the scams where people are most likely to lose money.
FBI Warns Against Schemes Designed To Steal Your Money, Identity During Holiday SeasonThe Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning consumers to be aware of scams and remain vigilant during the holiday season.
Law Enforcement Has A Major Warning For The Nation's ElderlyThere's a major warning from the attorney general and other law enforcement agencies when it comes to scams targeting the nation's elderly. 
Report: Riskiest Scams Are Often Low-TechWhether it is a phishing email or a hacked computer, con artists love using technology to rip people off but a new report from the Better Business Bureau found the riskiest scams are often very low-tech.