Romney Campaign Swings Through FloridaFor the first time since announcing that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will be his running mate, Gov. Mitt Romney will make a campaign swing through Florida.
Both Sides Turn Presidential Campaign NegativeThe 2012 presidential campaign is quickly devolving into a match between each side on how outlandish or completely false they can make ads against their opponents.
Romney Heading To Florida August 13Mitt Romney knows that his path to the White House is narrow and will force him to win the crucial swing state of Florida. That's why he's paying the Sunshine State a visit next Monday.
Romney Camp's Tax Message In Disarray After Tax Study's ReleaseRepublican presidential nominee Mitt Romney trying to push back after a devastating new study from the non-partisan Tax Policy Center said his plan would increase taxes for lower and middle class voters while benefitting the wealthiest Americans the most.
"Gaffes," Not Policy, Driving Presidential RaceWith less than 100 days to go until the general election, both President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney are searching for any minor gaffe of the other candidate to launch a massive attack.
Obama & Romney Stumble Through FridayA day of competing news conferences from President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney ended with both men trying to remove their proverbial foot from their mouth.
Poll: Obama Leading Romney By 7The latest Fox News poll is putting together a tough road for Republican Mitt Romney to win the White House from President Barack Obama.
Poll: Rubio Tied For Third In Potential VP PicksThe latest polling from CNN could dramatically alter the vice-presidential search currently being conducted by the Mitt Romney campaign; and it could give credence to why Florida Senator Marco Rubio isn’t considering the vice-presidency at this point.