For Some, Homeowners Insurance Rates Could PlummetIf you use a certain insurer for your homeowner's policy, you might soon be saving a lot of money.
Insurance Rate Hikes Leaving Homeowners BreathlessInsurance rates in Florida are already among the highest in the nation, but as insurers look to make what they claim are "market adjustments" to rates, some Floridians are finding they have to make a choice between paying for their insurance, or their home.
FPL Predicts Smaller Rate Increase For 2013The news is good, sort of, for customers of Florida Power and Light. Rates are still expected to increase in 2013, according to filings by the utility with the Public Service Commission, but according to FPL's calculations, not by as much as first expected.
FPL Rates Rising To Pay For Nuclear ProgramsFlorida residents will see a slightly higher Florida Power & Light bill beginning next year.
MIA Moves To One-Price Parking, Ends Short Term FeesIf you travel from Miami International Airport, or park to meet passengers there, you know it had always been far more expensive to use short term parking. That's done, but at the cost of a small increase in the airport's daily parking rates.
Measure Allows Property Insurers To Raise Rates Up To 30%A Senate committee approved a measure on Wednesday to allow insurers to raise individual rates by up to 30 percent a year without state approval.
Scott: Citizens Needs To Up RatesMillions of homeowners who rely on Citizens Property Insurance may not like the news that rate hikes will be required to make it “actuarially sound,” according to newly elected Gov. Rick Scott