Pilot Whales Strand Themselves Off NaplesThe Florida Marina Patrol is keeping tabs on about 30 or so pilot whales, several of which have beached themselves, at the Gordon Pass in Naples.
Florida Wildlife Ageny Wraps Whale Rescue Efforts The U.S. Coast Guard and Florida wildlife officials have wrapped up their efforts to help a pod of pilot whales which became stranded last week off Everglades National Park on the state’s southwest coast.
Pod Of Pilot Whales Stranded Off Everglades Nat'l ParkMarine experts are trying to figure out what’s causing a pod of whales to beach themselves along Florida’s Southwest coast off Everglades National Park.
Rescued Whales Showing Signs Of ImprovementFive pilot whales which stranded themselves on a South Florida beach along with 22 others are doing better after being hydrated with fish smoothies through a feeding tube every four hours and monitoring their activity levels around the clock.
Third Stranded Pilot Whale Euthanized, 2 RemainOfficials at a Florida Keys-based marine mammal rehabilitation center Saturday euthanized the third of seven surviving pilot whales that stranded May 5 off the lower Florida Keys.
Key Largo Hotels Offer Pilot Whale Rehab Volunteers Special RatesSeveral Key Largo hotels are offering reduced-rate accommodations for visitors who want to join round-the-clock efforts to rehabilitate three surviving pilot whales recovering at the Florida Keys-based Marine Mammal Conservancy.
Keys Marine Center Needs Volunteers For 3 Surviving Whales Three of the 21 pilot whales are left and the marine mammal rehabilitation center in the Florida Keys is still looking for volunteers to maintain 24-hour vigils for the whales that stranded earlier this month.
2 Surviving Stranded Pilot Whales In Critical Condition Two of the four female pilot whales that survived a May 5 mass stranding in the Lower Keys was classified as critical. But the whales are still getting around-the-clock care at the Marine Mammal Conservancy in Key Largo.
Pilot Whales Taken To Keys' Rehab FacilityFive pilot whales which survived a mass stranding off Cudjoe Key last week have been taken to a marine life rehab center in Key Largo.
2 Released Pilot Whales Swimming StrongTwo of seven previously stranded pilot whales are swimming strong in the Florida Straits. The mammals were released Saturday from the lower Florida Keys.
Five Beached Pilot Whales Survive Another Night In Keys Five pilot whales which were part of a group that beached themselves near Cudjoe Key last week have survived another night.