2 Accused Of Making 'Relative In Trouble' Call To Scam $16,200 From Elderly, Disabled ManMedley police detectives have arrested two men accused of scamming $16,200 from an elderly man.
Hollywood Woman Warns Of Phone ScamsA Hollywood woman said what happened to her should be a cautionary tale to those who donate money to people on the phone who say they are with a charity.
New Scam Has Criminals Posing As Utility Company Threatening To Turn Off PowerThe National Consumers League says it is seeing a rise in the number of scams where con artists threaten to turn off your power.
Senior Warns Others Of "Grandparent Scam"The internet is full of scam artists, some of whom prey on senior citizens pretending to be a loved one in trouble.
Phone Scammers Using Social Media To Hack Into Bank AccountsA little-known vulnerability is being used to empty consumers’ bank accounts using nothing more than a telephone.
Safety Alert: BSO Warns Of Old Phone Scam Making ComebackThe Broward Sheriff's Office is warning everyone about an old scam making a comeback.
If PBSO Calls You About Paying Fine, It’s A ScamThere is a troublesome new phone scam going around, and the con artist is posing as a law enforcement agent.
Ft. Lauderdale Dentist Claims Phone Number Was "Hijacked"The phone has been ringing off the hook at Dr. Patty’s Dental boutique in Ft. Lauderdale, but the calls aren’t coming from clients.
New Scam Targets Hispanic FPL CustomersA new scam involving con artists claiming to be from Florida Power and Light is targeting the utility’s Hispanic customers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.
Nerve-Wracking Phone Scam Targets South Florida Residents“We got your son, we got your son and we’re going to kill him," a caller screamed to Elizabeth Manger while she was at work. This scam has been ringing South Florida phones for more than a year. INSIDE: How to identify the scammer.
Lottery Scam Making The RoundsIf you get a call on the phone from someone saying you just won big money in a sweepstakes you don’t remember entering, hang up.