Open Carry, Stand Your Ground Measures Headed For House VoteThree gun-related measures --- including an open-carry proposal and another that would change the burden of proof in the state's "stand your ground" law --- are headed to the House floor for a full vote.
‘Open Carry’ Gun Law Shoots Past Committee VoteA bill that would allow Florida gun owners to openly carry their weapons is headed to a full vote.
Florida Considers "Open Carry" Gun LawFlorida has more concealed gun permits than any state in the country. If some legislators get their way those one point three million gun owners may soon be able to carry that weapon on their hip for all to see.
Group Pushes Back Against Criticism Of Sheriff In Gun DebateThe Florida Sheriffs Association is pushing back against criticism targeting Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri for remarks he made last week opposing controversial legislation that would allow people with concealed-weapon licenses to openly carry guns.
Police Chiefs Will Back Revised Open-Carry BillAcknowledging "momentum" behind a proposal that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to openly carry guns, the Florida Police Chiefs Association said Thursday its board of directors had voted to back the controversial measure --- as long as changes designed to protect law-enforcement officers are included.
Accidentally Showing Gun Not A Crime, Says Fla. LegislatureAccidentally showing a concealed weapon will no longer be a crime.
Bill Would Allow Gun Owners To Openly Carry FirearmsA Florida senator has proposed loosening the state’s current gun law by allowing licensed gun owners to openly wear their handguns in public view.
Bill Proposes "Open Carry" Law In FloridaA Florida senator has proposed a loosening of the state’s gun laws in a bill which would allow licensed gun owners to openly wear their handguns in public view.