Gas Prices Rise Across S. FloridaDropping by the gas station to fill up your tank may have you doing a double-take when you see the prices. Gas prices are rising across the Sunshine State and the rest of the nation.
Oil & Gas Prices PlummetingAs Europe teeters on the edge of financial disaster, China begins to sputter, and America is still stumbling economically; there is at least one area of good news dealing with your money.
Oil And Gas Prices Giving Drivers A ReprieveAs oil prices continue to sink below $100 a barrel, gas prices in South Florida continued to drop as well.
Senate Rejects Obama's Call To End Oil SubsidiesJust a few hours after President Barack Obama called for the Congress to end the massive subsidies, the U.S. Senate was denied a vote due to a Republican filibuster preventing the bill from getting to the Senate floor.
Obama Speech Highlights Need For Energy ReformGas prices across the Sunshine State, and the nation, have been spiking in recent weeks. That has brought political attention to the issue and brought President Barack Obama to the University of Miami Thursday.
Orlando Stations Charging Nearly $6 For GasIf you think gas prices in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are getting out of control as they approach four dollars a gallon for regular, you wouldn’t believe what some stations are charging in Orlando.
Santorum Continues Making Wild ClaimsAs former senator Rick Santorum continues to ascend to the top of the heap in the Republican presidential primary contest, his controversial remarks this year and in years past are coming under increased scrutiny.
Gas Prices Up About A Nickel In The Last WeekThe price at the pump is steadily heading up as week head into the Spring and Summer vacation seasons. In the last week, the price for unleaded regular has jumped about a nickel in Miami-Dade and Broward.
Gas Prices Fall Ahead Of ThanksgivingIf you’re heading out on the road this week for the Thanksgiving holiday; you can breathe a little easier when you fill up at the pump.
Gas Prices Should Retreat SoonThere’s better news for commuters suffering from sticks shock at the pump. After what felt like forever with increases gas prices are expected to take a tumble.
Oil Prices Drop After Bin Laden's DeathThe news of Osama bin Laden’s death is bringing more than just joy to the United States. Monday, crude oil prices fell 70 cents to $113.23 in late morning trading. The oil prices had dropped as low as $110.82 earlier in the day.