S. Fla. Jewish Community Group Making Pilgrimage To IsraelThe huge duffel bags, hundreds of them, were being packed at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation Friday as some 800 members of the South Florida Jewish community prepare for a "Mega Mission" to Israel.
Miami Rescue Mission Holds Christmas Feast For HomelessThe Miami Rescue Mission, along with Broward Outreach Centers, shared Christmas cheer by feeding the homeless and needy, and it’s their biggest holiday celebration to date.
Idol’s Archuleta Announces Plans For Mormon Mission American Idol runner-up David Archuleta says he will take a break from his singing career to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Miami Rescue Mission Provides Feast For HomelessThe Miami Rescue Mission is continuing their Thanksgiving tradition by feeding the homeless.
Countdown to American Space HistoryIt's the last shuttle flight. And it's only hours away from blasting off from Kennedy Space Center, where CBS4's Stephen Stock has covered dozens of shuttle launches.
NASA Clears Space Shuttle For Monday LaunchIt’s official: NASA's next-to-last space shuttle flight is set to blast off Monday morning. Mission managers gave the green light Saturday for the final voyage of Endeavour. But will the weather permit?
Local Emergency Response Team Heads To Japan To Assist As many Americans are trying to get out of the devastated country, one group of volunteers from South Florida is making their way to Japan to help in any way they can.
Miami Rescue Mission Provides Feast For HomelessEvery person without a home has a story to share, like Ron Williams, who says he fought for his country in the Vietnam War. But decades later, Ron finds himself living on the streets. Like more than a thousand people at the Miami Rescue Mission on Thursday, he's here for a simple Thanksgiving meal.