Their Lives Brought Together By Tragedy, Miami Beach Detective Mentors TeenBig Brothers Big Sisters "Bigs in Blue" program connects youth with police officers in communities throughout our nation, building strong, trusting, lasting relationships.
Mentoring Matters: Two Women Forge Special Bond Over Two Decades At Maria Verdeja School Of The ArtsTwo women have formed a special relationship that has lasted over twenty years, with the passion they share for dancing at the core of their amazing friendship.
Mentoring Matters: Aspiring Young Musician's Bond With Music Mentor Hits All The Right NotesMusic has the power to bring people together and one local music program is uniting mentors and mentees in perfect harmony.
Mentoring Matters: Opioid Recovery Starts With A Strong Support System And Proper GuidanceIn 2017 more people died of opioid overdoses than from both gun violence and car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 
Mentoring Matters: Breakthrough Miami Helps Young Students Achieve Amazing HeightsBreakthrough Miami is an academic program where bright students in under served schools are able to be tutored and helped to reach their goals of graduating high school and get into college. 
'She's My Hero': South Florida Teacher Goes Above & Beyond For Student Battling CancerA South Florida teacher has formed a special bond with a student who has stood up to cancer.
Mentoring Matters: Passion For Butterflies Turns Into Educational InitiativeA Davie high school student’s butterfly garden, which began as a science project, is taking on a life of its own, and is now being incorporated into school-wide K-12 curriculum at NSU University School.
Mentoring Matters: Bond Between Employee & Famed 'Robert Is Here' Fruit Stand Boss Goes Beyond The JobMentors can come from the unlikeliest of places, even a fruit stand.
Mentoring Matters: The Powerful Bond Between An Aspiring Actor And His Mentor Prepares Him For The Biggest StagesDarius J. Manuel plays many roles. At the Florida Children's Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, he's a teacher and director. But he's also a student.
Mentoring Matters: 'Executive Pass Program' Allows Execs To Share Expertise With StudentsA statewide program is pairing school principals with local business executives to benefit students.
Mentoring Matters: HIP Program Built To Educate, But It Also Helps Students Through Extremely Tough TimesWhen you hear that a high school student is “hip” you probably think he or she is fashionably current and in the know.